Welcome to NoBMoB Road

Welcome to NoBMoB Road - the Road riding partner of Northern Beaches Mountain Biking Group.

If you wonder that there's not much going on here, that's because NoBMoB is a mountain biking site, but to separate the road discipline out has this separate group. Most users don't actually visit this site, they just turn on a setting within their profile to show content from here when browsing NoBMoB. Those that don't want to see road related content don't, and everyone is happy. :)

So in the same spirit as the mountain biking site - why not sign up and post your ride, join someone else or just chat in the forums? Riders from all over Australia are here so you don't have to be a Northern Beaches local to enjoy. Make your plans sound enticing and see who comes along!

If you are interested in off road riding, check out nobmob.com.

What no rides!? Sad
Upcoming social/group training rides would normally appear here, but things are a little quiet at the moment and it's empty.

Don't be shy - this is a community site so if you're heading out and would like some company, post your ride.

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