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The RS is Complete

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Ta daaaaaa.... Smiling

Well, it's been a while coming, but now ready to ride. Not sure I'll keep the bar tape like this, but seemed a shame to cover all those nice graphics. Had this stuff lying around and didn't mind binning a good section of it - so let's see how this feels.

Sadly I'm still suffering a bit but physio said I could go for a very short ride this weekend so perhaps tomorrow will be the day.

Cervelo RS Build - Part 1

Here's a few pictures from a build that went most of the way together today. Sadly it couldn't be completed due to one of the gang who has the crank set for this project being tied up... fathers day or something... what's all that about?! Eye-wink

As if you can't guess what's going on in the pictures, pretty standard stuff occurred today, but...

1. Be very, very careful... I'm cutting steerers...
2. ... done sawing...
3. ... done with a bit of sandpaper (which came with the fork).
4. Precision measuring! There's a 3rd spacer that will go on above this which gives clearance for the cap & bolt. The spacers are above the stem and give a little 'wiggle room' for fitting. The steerer can always be cut shorter if this isn't required in the future.
5. Slightly disappointed with the fit of the top headset bearing. Nothing a small 'O' ring won't fix though. I've mailed Cervelo just to double check this is normal.
6. SRAM Red Cassette... only has teeth on the very inside of the carrier. The 11 & 12 tooth cogs that fit separate to this carrier also have teeth though.
7. Story so far. Yes - our balcony is a little untidy, clearly we don't live here for the view and compact cameras have terrible barrel distortion! Eye-wink

It might turn out that a lay back post is required but the one on there (a Doric Team) came with the bike so think it is worth seeing how the ride is with that before making a decision.


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Or rather, motivation from one's fellow riders. To be specific, Dylan's futumpch!

I'm so glad he posted that.

See, I had hoped to get out on today's Manly Dam ride, but had to do some work first. After that, was contemplating sitting around but saw Dylan's insane time and got fired up. Guess the fact the TdF is on and I'd watched the highlights earlier might have helped too.

New Headset Bearing for Bianchi

Nothing to see here... am just making a note that today I replaced the lower headset bearing on Bianchi.

The top one is still OK, but suppose I should order in a spare just in case.

Change of plan... Ouch!

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Well - this morning's ride was... erm... interesting.

It all started out so well - the first 5km or so Eye-wink But then we got lost in Artarmon (despite the fact I'd ridden this route many times before). Not a drama. Then we got lost in St Ives. Still no drama.

Scum tyre change

Today I changed the tyres on the scummer... erm... I mean crosser that is used for scum training.

It was about time, think they had about 6400km on 'em, which isn't a bad effort at all.

Main reason though, was this split in the rear:

Split Tyre

I'd noticed that before xmas but forgotten about it and been riding on it since them. It looks to have grown noticeably over a couple of rides (100km or so) so probably just as well it's now gone to join the great tyre graveyard in the sky - on our back balcony Eye-wink

Silly Scumming Idea

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I won't make a habit of the type of riding we did today, but have to admit that it was a bl00dy good workout! Hey - I'll even go so far as to say it was probably more enjoyable that sitting on a wind trainer for 7 hours might have been Eye-wink

It's also quiet satisfying to complete a 170Km ride after DNF'ing a couple enduro events (MTB naturally) in the last year. I don't know what this says about the relative demands the two disciplines place on the body but I really was not prepared for today's return and finished feeling pretty good (yeah, the ouchie kind of good) so am really quiet happy with that.

Small Sprint Finish

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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This wasn't supposed to be a serious ride, and just as well. I only really do the Spring Cycle to get Pratiwi out for a longer ride. Think this was faster than last year - maybe we'll not bother next year if I can finally persuade her 50Km off road events are easier and safer.

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