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300Km - Check :)

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have had a goal for a while to do 250km and also 300km and another one to ride ride to Lithgow return (i have plenty of othe goals also)
So why not knock them all over in one hit Smiling
Pretty good ride, ate alot, kept hydrated, had the right amount of clothing for the conditions. Overall a super day on the bike.

To the Gong and back

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hmm super early start to get to the start line at 6am, ended up going through the start at 6.20ish, fought through the traffic for the first few km's, hooked onto one of the front few bunches, hammered for a while in a nice group with lots of people taking turns at the front, seemed to be going at speeds we usually go at in a 45min crit race, got dropped going up a climb towards waterfall, found some new best friends and worked well with them for the rest of the journey, ended up with 2hrs 35mins at an average of 33km/h.

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