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Suggested bike

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I have recently got back into mtb and when I was looking for a bike there were heaps of excellent suggestions about the brand/model that I should look into. This made it made it a lot easier when wading through all the options considering that I initially did not know a lot about what I was looking at. I'm hoping to get the same suggestions for buying a road bike as it is difficult to rack up the kms I would like to sticking to the mtb alone.

West Head/Akuna Bay

I am open to either Sat or Sunday whatever suits most people tbh.

Say 8am start?

Anyone keen?

Time Trail Tandem?

Bags not being the stoker!


Road ride on 28 March

Hi all,

Anyone up for a road ride - Akuna Bay or Mt White/Peats Ridge - on Sunday, 28 March? I'm getting bored with Centennial Park and need to do some proper road riding.

I was thinking a 7:30am start, but am flexible.

Will post it up....


Akuna on Sat - ?

random query = anyone interested in a road ride on Saturday morning around 7.30am? Akuna Bay or west head + muesli bar stop/ view appreciation??
I'm having road cycling withdrawals ...


New roadie

I have been having a look around for a road bike to ride on days like this when offroad isn't available.

Looking at spending $2500. For this there are many options but what is more important - the groupset or the frame? Composite frame with lessor groupset or aluminum frame with a better groupset?

Any advise would be great.


Sat 13th - Scumming!

I know there is a 100km ride on this weekend as well, anyone up for a ride on Sat/Sunday?

Any suggestions?

Scumming in the rain?

So... scumming in the rain isn't bad for your bike?

I've got here a headset bearing full of grit and frame full of water that says different.

The headset was greased not so long ago too.

Can't see me being able to source a new bearing in the next couple days so think the old one might have to go back on for a while Sad

Bar Tape

When do you know to change your bar tape?

Strange Creaking Noise coming from my Roadie...

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Ok so my TCR Advanced 2 has developed a creaking noise from somewhere but I cant determine where from, I think it might be from the BB, however not sure.

The noise seems to only come about when I am maintaining a decent cadence on the pedals, when I freewheel or get out of the saddle and put the power down no noise at all from the BB, however when I am in the saddle and just pedalling normally, the noise is there.

Another one for the dark side .... [n+1]

Another one for the dark side ....

Pick the new [N+1] ride....?


Another one for the dark side [N+1]

Bobbin Head Road Works

For those that include Bobbo in their rides, just received this notice from my roadie club:

"Avoid Bobbin Head for the time being. They are doing road works and leaving behind large amounts of wet tar and gravel. Some of the stories emerging are rather scary so best to avoid for at least the next week."

Stay safe...

6th feb?? - too optimistic ?

am i being overly optimistic that someone might like to do a third week in a row social ride...west head and akuna Bay...afraid I would still be that bit behind everyone..... but keen as ever...????

Macquarie and Jamberoo Pass

Is anyone keen to drive down and do this on 13th or 14th Feb? I am very keen on the loop around Macquarie Pass and Jamberoo Pass with a few hill repeats inbetween. Would drive down at the crack of dawn to get started, about 5.30ish leaving Lane Cove

This will be the penultimate training ride before the 3Peaks so up and down is the call for this day's training

I'm looking for some specific hill training within a 130km ish ride, so it would be 4-5 repeats in one loop?


Snowy Mountains Trip Feb 20th - 24th

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Hi All,

A few of my road riding buddies and me are going to the snowy mountains for some Road riding adventures
will be riding Charlotes Pass, Tom Groggin etc just to name a few
We are heading off on Feb 20th (morn), staying in Jindabyne Feb 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and driving back on wednesday 24th
I think some may actually return on the Tuesday.
We have about 3 or 4 beds vacant in the Units we have booked at Jindaybe Holiday Park.
If you would like to come along for some road riding adventures then let me know.
Obviuosly its first in best dressed.

Sat 30th ride????

hi folks-

Anyone interested in a social ride this coming Saturday morning..... about 7.30am for 2-3 hours ?

Open to random thoughts/suggestions????

Puncture Questions

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Besides having a total tyre blowout here (then going tubeless) I have never actually had a puncture that required repairing in all my time of riding except on Saturday which I did on my roadie. I have two questions

1. I thought tubes came with talcum powder on them? My one didn't so I added it. Is this ok for the roadie or have I just done a big nono?

2. I could see where something has punctured through the tyre which is quite small (less then 1mm). Do I need to repair or replace the tyre?

Australia Day Ride?

Hmmmm.... I was hoping to go to Awaba to ride on the dirt on Tuesday, but not sure am really feeling 100% yet so think that option might be out.

So... anyone up for a road ride on Tuesday morning? Early-ish I guess, but am flexible.

As the RTA site seems to indicate Galston Rd is open again, another crack at the Three Gorges might be in order. Could meet either in Hornsby or I'll probably be riding from home.

Or, if we start from Hornsby could even venture up to Mt White and back (this would have a bail out point before Bobbo which is handy).

Any takers?

Manly Dam Sunday 24th Jan 5-8 hours...

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Hi everyone. as you well know today (sat) was too hot to get any significant hours up without major side effects (like dying or turning into dust) so i plan to get over to the dam tomorrow ( sun) and have a day on the mtb.
This is not a ride meeting but instead is an informal invitation to all those who will be out there and feel like
A- saying hi as you go flying past me
or B- ride with me for a little bit

I have no set direction but will not stop except for water top ups at the car park by the hydro lab.
I may even make my way up to Cascades for some hill climbing.

Charity Auction: BMC road bike, signed by world champ

A BMC bike signed by Cadel is up for charity right now. Ends on Monday:

The price at the mo is very reasonable but don't expect it to stay that way. Interesting all the same though.

John Abeni Road Frame

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Hi All,

My recently retired neighbour has relocated to the Far North Coast of NSW, he took his AZZURI carbon fibre road bike, but gave me his old John Abeni road bike, minus saddle and pedals, I've got spares so I fitted it up and took it for a ride, but unfortunately it's not for me. Much prefer the mtb !

So, Tiagra running gear, mavic wheels. But the rear shift only gets you to the 4th gear, sometimes and the bar tape needs replacing. Frame in good condition, no rust. Would make a good commuter.

Road ride tommorrow?

I know Tien was talking about a AB/WH/AB ride tomorrow, but I haven't seen anything posted.

Is anyone keen for a training ride on the black stuff, would have to be early as I need to be back home by 09:45 or I could ride after 10:30?

Armstrong invites fans to ride with him

So... who's coming to Adelaide on the weekend?

Oh wait... I've other plans. Still - it should be interesting all the same - I'd love to see what mahem this creates!

Bobbin Head or Akuna Bay - Saturday 23rd anyone interested?

Hey nobmobers....

Would be really keen to have a cruisy ride around the upper north but am seeking some fellow cyclists...
Would anyone been interested in joining me next Sat and explore..(planning in advance..)

..... milleage before the Husky 100km in Feb. yikes..

Random thoughts and suggestions welcome ..


Best Mountain Bike