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Road Bike Wear

By garyinoz - Posted on 22 July 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Ok all, I have my road bike now I need some suitable apparel, any suggestions for good reasonable clothing?

I've looked at Torpedo7 and whilst they have some decent stuff and I have bought from them before, I would really like to try before I buy, preferably on the north shore.

I never thought I'd end up in Lycra, but for some reason it seems to come fairly easily!

What about Skins and 2XU? Worth the money?



Ok, welcome to the world of lycra Smiling
Cyclery northside in Chatswood, Turramurra cyclery and Renegade all have good ranges of gear.
You can pay a little to a lot for nix, go for the middle range and up. The quality is pretty much all in the 'chammy' and lycra weight. Look for a multi contour pad with smooth seams. Go for a snug fit, as they do get looser over time, and when trying them on, bend forward as if you are in the drops, and see how they feel a the back, i.e they are contoured well and not leaving a gap where they meet your jersey. Multi panel construction is good to look for, more panels = better fit.
Many brands to choose from. I like cannondale, assos, nzo, pearl izumi and louise gaerne(?). Not necessarily in that order. I'm getting good use out of my NZO tarmac nix at the moment, and they were around $30 on special recently. You'll be investing some decent $$ kit, so I recommend hand washing and slow spin. Many people just throw them in the washing machine, but I get 3 to 6 years from a set of nix by caring for them well. (and I ride about 150km/6+hrs a week, so it's not lack of use!)

On jerseys, I tend to buy whatever fits and is on special. you can go the mobile billboard or some of the more discrete brands like nzo, keewee and assos. I sometimes buy jerseys from rebel sports 'cos they are usually a lot cheaper than the bike shops, and it's often the same manufacturer.

Try to find a brand and size that fits well, and if you can get a couple of pairs of each.

I haven't made the move to the compression kit yet (skins et al), but I hear they are pretty good, but pricey.

I've just invested in a pair of long Skins (bottoms) and absolutely love them. I wear them under my knicks for cycling in the morning and they are great for running. Jerseys, I agree with Whisperer - just buy the ones that are reduced and fit. I've invested in a wind vest and love it. AND in the cold - full finger gloves are priceless!!!

I have a Bosch front loader and wash all my sports gear on the sports wear cycle (I kid you not). It's a cool wash. Lycra doesn't get damaged in the washing machine on a cool cycle. It's dry heat that kills the yarn. Although, hand washing can never be wrong.

On the road, also invest in some shoe covers, as you get some air coming throug the bottom holes - keeps your toes from freezing.

I bought some knicks at the Triathlon Festival in Huskisson in February. They cost me $45 and have no tag (so not sure what brand), but the padding is great!

Happy shopping Smiling

One thing to note about skins and the rest of the compression type long johns is that they don't have the bum pad, so you will always need knicks as well. They won't be a substitute for proper knicks.

I use my BSC's (similar to skins) in bed and after a ride and I love them. I got them in Rebel sports for about $120, the chap reckoned they are slightly tighter than skins.

There are some good threads on farkin (rotorburn) about knicks.. I ended up going for the middle price bibs, from CRC, they are brilliant (but I always wear shorts over the top coz I'm shy that way Eye-wink )

So am i right in thinking that Skins and the like should really be worn for warm up and warm down and not during exercise, I was told that all the sweat could damage them. Anke13 would you wear them on a two hour ride?
I had a quick look at Cyclery Northside last night, good range and Renegade is the LBS so I'll have a harder look in there.

I think I need to sweet talk her indoors again, new bike and associated gear = one massive shopping spree for her!

Thanks for the tips!


I wear them for any rides. I mainly started wearing them during some training sessions where I run straight after riding. That way I can take my knicks off for the run - quick transition Smiling

I also wear leggins under my knicks for warmth on longer rides. I suppose you could either invest into a pair of long knicks or buy some leg warmers. I personally don't like leg warmers, as I always see them fall down on people and I didn't want to invest in long knicks for 3 months a year that I'd wear them.

I'm just utilising my short knicks during winter with an extra layer Smiling

It's all about comfort and what you want to pay....

Hope this helps!

If you wear them under the knicks doesn't that mean you have a layer between you and the chamois? I would have thought you'd wear them over the knicks.

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