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Tri bars wanted

By anke13 - Posted on 11 August 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has some tri bars lying around I could either borrow or buy. I'm doing Port Macquarie Half Ironman in November and wouldn't mind having some bard for a more comfortable riding position.
Alternatively, if anyone is putting in a CRC order soon, I'd consider buying some (if they are not too expensive).

Anke Smiling


Hi Anke,

I have some very old ones you are welcome to borrow. I hope they are still legal!

I just need to check I have all the bits.


I also have a set of the original Scott clip on tri bars so if you need 'em, let me know.

I've also got some clip ons if you want to borrow them. They are not in use much so you would be welcome to use them in in the lead up as well if you want.


The clip ons would be great. Do they come with the pads you rest your lower arms on? I have 2 races in November (1st and 15th), so would like to borrow them from September (so I can adjsut my bike and get used to it) to mid-November.
I'll PM you.
Thanks, again.
Anke Smiling

mine pre date the arm support era, however with a bit of DIY black foam and some tape they work well.

You definitely have to get used to them and probably lower your seat a fraction.

I'm cool with a long term loan as I don't have any tri's on the horizon.


Sly lives in Mosman, so I'll borrow his.

If I carry on doing Triathlons, I'll probably should invest in some. Might have a look when I'm in Germany in December. Who knows, they might be cheaper over there.

Anke Smiling

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