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Ok Scummers... I need some info on Wheels

By Chitts - Posted on 12 August 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am looking at getting a road bike, and know that the frame and wheels are probably two of the most important aspects. I don't want to spend stupid amounts of money and wanted to ask you what wheelset you recommend that you think represents a sweetspot between price and performance.


What's going on with the whole world getting road bikes? Just stick some slicks on your old MTB.

What am I missing?

you snooze, you loose! get a roadie or get left behind mate!

... and get a 700c wheelset for your XC machine.

I did: Mavic Open Pro rims on XT rear hub, Lefty front hub with 160mm rotors, 23mm tyres and wide-range road cassette - $127 on fleaBay. Smiling

Not quite as quick as a drop-bar, but close. And it is for training, right?

Well it did when I was in one piece !

Just about to put the 575 ( with 700c's ) on a trainer and start turning some pedals again. Physio says I have to do lots of low intensity spinning to teach my left leg muscles to switch on properly !

One bike does it all.....


Chitts - what gruppo are you running on your new steed?

.... am starting the "looking process" and have a maximum budget of $3,000. Does not get you much new, but looks like a fairly decent steed can be picked up 2nd hand. That said, I am a small (50 or 51cm frame) if anyone knows of anything.

Would you buy new or 2nd hand?

Always used unless it's something specific I want for a particular job that I just can't get second hand. Fit advice from a qualified LBS owner might be once such exception.

Otherwise I see no point in dropping half what I paid as soon as I walk out the LBS door... someone else can take that hit, not me.

Yeah 3k is not enough to get anything HOT, only GOOD. Although there are some specials around at the moment which will bring down the price of most brands.

Purchasing a Crosser is an idea and changing the tyres to a quality Kevlar tread (would have to do that will some Roadies anyhow) can work well. But I’d like some reinforcement about this idea, please? I'd prefer wheels with thick/wide spokes so maybe a crosser won't work for me unless I change the wheels.

I do like the Azzurri -Imperia : Shimano Ultegra -
Looks good and uses all the same components! 2.5k rrp is good value. My only concern is the frame quality! Any comments there would be helpful, please. I’m sure it would be fine and last for many years. I’ve seen this bike and the welds look FINE.

Also looking at Bianchi, Specialized or Avanti.

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