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Shattered Carbon

By Rob - Posted on 15 September 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


There's a small vid here but you can't see much:

You can expect most bikes to suffer 'some' damage.
- That's what I could see from the youTube pic - could be mistaken though.

No problemos with this carbon babe...burly!
paging Gazza...

what im getting from santa if im good!

Gazza Tweak

Gazza letting loose


certainly wont be breaking like the ridley! it might be up for sale soon too?????(i know i pulled the pin on the last sale but you know me? always thinking of something new) any interest? message me.

Rob does this bike look familiar

Mine is scandium with carbon forks and stays. No worries! Sticking out tongue

OTB'd on the yeti tonight......

After looking at this morning, all I could think was, will the Bling RaceFace Next bars survive. Oh, and does my arse look big in this pose.

Luckily my carbon helmet light mount took all the impact.

have you got two for me yet? oh by the way everyone. enduro for sale! pro carbon in pic above. $3200

ride any road bike into an immoveable object at those speeds and I don't think you'd be wanting to ride that frame again.

Spot on Whisperer, if you look closely it appears as if the main part of the frame got hung up on the bollard so it wasn't even a glancing blow

Yes, but I'm away for a week, so will organise to get them to you when I get back on Monday week if that's OK?

i'll see you then. cheers

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