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Dazza wants a road bike.

By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 03 October 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hello to all roadies out there. I need some advice.
I am going to buy a road bike and have been doing about 6 months of research about group sets, wheels blah blah. currently i seem to be steering towards the Cannondale caad 9 5 2010 model. Wazza sells these at KOM which is my LBS. they look after me well and i would be happy to continue to support them.
My thinking is get comfortable with a road bike and learn how to ride it etc then at some stage upgrade the wheel set when i need to ( or will notice the difference).
What do you think about this bike and is it better to spend extra to start with so i wont need to upgrade later?
I have a MTB with the best stuff and appreciate fast shifting etc so will i be happy with a 105 setup? My road riding will mainly consist of centennial park 1-2 hours probably and later on out on the road with small groups.
What do you think is important in a road bike? All feed back and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Darren.



It's a nice looking machine. 105 is more than adequate. I'm running 15 year old 105 on my roadie and it's still going strong.

My only question would be the aluminum frame. Nothing wrong with the stuff, I've been riding it for years. But, all the research I've done tells me you'll want carbon sooner or later.

If you want a Cannondale, and they are a sweet ride, try the Six Carbon 5. The other contenders are the Felt f5sl, Specialized Roubaix Elite / Comp or the Giant TCR / Defy Advance 2.


Hey I have being thinking about this same bike/frames as well.
I am currently riding a 105 equiped bike and while it does the job its not even close to ultegra etc.
Would be taking a very hard look at the SRAM speced 4 as it is a lot lighter and has that great SRAM feeling to the shifts. I would not buy a carbon but that is just me. IF and when you are ready to upgrade get a nice set of wheels from someone like TWE and then you will really see what the bike can do. IMHO Wheels are the best upgrade you can give a bike after tyres!. unless you want to try and win the KOM then this bike would even be very happy on any race course.

Thanks Adam and Gav for the advice. I've chosen the Cannondale CAAD9 1. bit more expensive than i thought i was going to spend but it looks like the bees knees and will last me many many years to come.
Cant wait. Wazza at KOM is ordering it in and will be ready in no time flat.
And now all i need to do is figure out how to ride one of these things Smiling

Dura-ace Grouppo, very nice... I was going to say from what I saw, ultegra and up have the integrated shifters / brakes, which I love (i brought a Scott with ultegra set about a year ago).

Is where it's at!

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