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Stick vs Bike

By LadyToast - Posted on 18 October 2009

On my mega road ride yesterday I was riding along Mona Vale road and came upon a group of cyclists who were slowing traffic. There was one chap on his back with a pool of blood coming from his head. Looked nasty. From what I could tell they were a Sydney rowing team that were cross training and a stick had kicked up and wedged in the front wheel. The stick really wasn't that big, about 15 inches long and just over an inch around perhaps.

I asked if I could take pictures of the bike as there had been some discussion recently on this site about carbon bikes. You can see that not only did the forks snap but the frame was creased in 2 places.


I didn't have the nerve/insensitivity to take pictures of the poor rider. If you are reading this mate I hope all is well.

Update: More pictures

stick vs bike 3 stick vs bike 2

... on the seat tube you can see "CAAD 7". Only the forks are carbon.

Looks and sounds like a very nasty crash. I hope you heal OK buddy.

rider is ok, but seeing it was a cannondale could not help but mentally say 'crack and fail' - Sorry George!

Man, that's gotta hurt - hope the dude is OK.

Is it my imagination or is that wheel intact? That seems a highly unlikely outcome.

From memory the wheel was fine.

Surely the spoke goes long before the fork. Also, the snap on the fork looks very clean and at about the same level. You were there and clearly know what you saw, but as a 3rd party, it does not seem to add up and make much sense.

Reminds me of the squirrel. Spokes look ok in this one too:

Squirrel vs bike

Directional fibre strength, blah, blah, catastrophic fail if subjected to alternate force direction, blah, blah...stick vs. bike rarely going to end well. Hope he recovers/recovered.


Well it is Sad

I just uploaded a couple more pictures, see the OP. The spokes were flat and mega strong. I don't remember the wheel being broken at all but I wasn't really checking it that closely.

Hey, it was me that had the crash.

Yeah its a CAAD 7 so only the fork is carbon. I can't remember the crash because I hit my head straight away. According to the speedo, it says we were averaging 40km/hr. I have heard a few stories, the most consistent one is that we were riding and there were heaps of sticks on the ground and it got flicked up and went into my wheel and snapped the fork. My list of injuries managed to be quite long. Got mild concussion, fractured my occipital condyle at the top of my neck, chopped a section off C6, snapped some bone off a finger, broke my hand, got a deep gash just above my right eye, and got road burn on my left ankle, right thigh and right shoulder so I must have twisted around a fair bit.

I am fine now, this happened in October and I rowed in the State Champs last weekend. Slowly recovering Smiling

I am really appreciative of the support that the cycling community has for each other. Its really nice Smiling The guys around me were from Sydney University Boat Club and are great people.

Took a couple of visits to the psychiatrist before I could get on a bike again but now have a new bike Smiling a cervelo S1 like one of my mates which is just above my ruined cannondale in the first photo.

I think there was a question about my wheel. Yeah it looked in tact but it wasnt. I guess Mavic Ksyriums are built to last. 5 of the spokes snapped off before the wood snapped through my fork and I hit the ground. Must have happened pretty quickly. My sunglasses broke also haha and while I was recovering my dad fixed the glasses using spokes off the broken wheel. As a plug for Mavic, the wheels still ran true after the accident.

If you guys want to examine the wreckage of the bike further just put that in to your url, im not sure how to do photos here.

Pretty epic, I have only heard of one other person having a crash where the fork has snapped off. Nearly made me thow up when I saw Jens Voigt stack it in the Tour de France 2009 that I watched whilst on the spin bike in the month after hospital. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone else!



Congratulations on your comeback......I'm glad you are back in the saddle.

Surprised you bought another road bike after all that. Not that riding mtb's off road means no sticks, but at least when bad stick stuff happens, you generally fall off softer, and don't snap your front forks. I'm sure that off road riding would be better training for rowing as well - I mean who uses their arms riding a scummer?

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