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Tyres for scum training?

By Rob - Posted on 28 October 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So... I was forced to take a closer look at the tyres on the crosser today and the rear is getting a little worn. Although to be fair looks like it's got some life left yet.

Anyhow, currently I have these on it for training on the road (32c):

As discussed... 6700km without a puncture is pretty good going so like that part. They are a bit heavy (550g) though.

Someone has advised these might be better, although I'd have to move to 28c:

Or these (also only 28c):

Although I'd be dropping 230g a wheel on these recommendations am not overly keen on their apparent lack of grip. I'm told this isn't an issue for the Ultra Gatorskins, anyone have any experience of the GPs?

Or any other recommendations?

The GP that is. They are the best griping road tyre i have riden on. they are bloodly good in the wet as well.
Ok im using the GP4000 on the bike and while they are a race only tyre I have only had 1 puncture in 6-7000km..... just get pressure right and off you go!!!
I would be getting folding bead I was you too. just my thoughts

I run Continental Gatorskins 700C x 28 and they are great I have only had one flat with them in the in the last year so they get my vote.

... are on my commuter. I'm super impressed with their low rolling resistance and great puncture resistance.

First ride to work I picked up a huge glass chip on the way home... but no puncture. It was so deeply embedded in the rubber I had to weasel it out with tweezers, but didn't go through the belting.

Grip is confidence inspiring as well. They're only 23c wide, and I run at 100psi@100kg with rider and bags. Braking grip in the miserable conditions on Monday morning was excellent. I still take it easy cornering in the wet - better to be prudent than on the deck. $45 from Wiggle. I've seen them at Manly Cycles for $67, which isn't bad.

for training i would recomend the gatorskin, they will last longer (6000-7000km), they roll well and grip reaonably well.
for racing go the GP4000s or GP force/GP attack, great grip but i find the life to be very short (4000-5000 for gp4000s and GPattack/force i am only getting 2000-3000km if i am lucky, but they are great for racing)
On my commuter i am running GP ultrasport, only like $20 each, no grip in the wet but they roll well and so far seem to be lasting a long time.
I cant comment on flats, i seem to get the same amount of flats on any tyre that i use, ie roughly 1 flat per 3500-4000km.


From looking around think the GP4000 looks more like the Gatorskin image I found, eh?

I mean, it doesn't have the grooved tread, just patches of tread every now and then.

Sounds like the Gatorskin is the way to go. Next time anyone is ordering will pick some up.

I have gatorskins on my roadie and have had just one flat in the 7000km's I rode on the last set of tyres. I only got a flat because the tyre had finally given up and gone bald..

Thanks for the input. I would go the GP4000s, but... they are almost twice the price of the Gatorskins so will go with the latter Eye-wink

Now there's a thought!

@Junkie... What would you know? Eye-wink

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