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Loop the Lake Bicycle Challenge

By Brian - Posted on 18 December 2009

Sunday, 14 March, 2010 - 07:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Car Park at Park Rd Speers Point the northern end of Lake Macquarie

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

85 km road ride around Lake Macquarie graded medium/hard in aid of John Hunter Chidren's Hospital, fun ride not as busy as the Gong. More details and early bird entry online until 03/03/10 only $35 entry after that or even on the day $45

Who's in?
pikey, shano, Harry, garyinoz, Brian, Logan (6 riders)
pikey shano Harry garyinoz Brian Logan
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Brian Cracked 3 hours It looked to be a miserable day when I woke at 6am to the sound of rain. Headed over to the start where I met up with the other NobMobers and we ended up heading of at 7:30 on the dot. Stopped with Gary at the first stop (about 35kms I think) which...

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Will join you on this one Brian, this time maybe even keep up with you. This is No. 10 in a row for me and the start is now just down the road from the new place.

hey guys,

Just wondering what the feedback may be from other folks that have done the course before - worth the trip up from Sydneytown????

having never done a "roadie rde" ....only mtb ..interested in any insights.

I did this for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it. I had just done the Sydney to Gong and it was so overcrowded that it made this one even better as they only get a few thousand.

Doing No. 10 this year and have really enjoyed each one, can recomend it as a good day out and as fast or slow as you want to go.

ok - I'm in kids.

Whats there definition of medium to hard?

Not ever done a road ride event before and only picked up my roadie last week, but have a free weekend as the partner is away so am considering going to this.

I think it's graded this way based on distance and profile, although if you look at the profile it's not hard but what can make it challenging is not having trained or sometimes the leg back is against a headwind. The first 30 km's have some long climbs but if you can do McCarrs Creek then you'll have no problem. Still 7 or 8 weeks away so plenty time to train, it's a great day out and I'd recommend having a go.

Thats what I think, I am pretty fit so I should be ok.

I commute 4 times a week anyway and am pretty fit and am training for the dirtworks at the moment as well so yeah I consider this a extension to that training really.

Cool gonna enter.

and for a good cause it's pretty cheap too (can also enter on the day $40).

Bringing a few mates up from Sydney as well, looking forward to it!

This is my ride profile from the 2009 Loop The Lake.

Finally just entered Smiling

in the mail! with a nice little map to carry around.

Looks like a good place to go for a pootle on the new road bike! Eye-wink

and booked accommodation so I don't have an early morning drive from Sydney, might even get 'her indoors'+1 to do one of the shorter rides.

Live up here now so happy to have a beer the night before for those that may head up early

Think I am going to be doing a early morning drive up by the looks of things.

Looking forward to the 85km, pretty confident over the distance following the rides over the weekend just gone.

People arranging a meet up at all?

What time do people reckon have to leave Sydney by for the 7am start, I reckon around 5amish...

I haven't organised anything as yet re meeting. 5am sounds about right.

Good luck at loop the lake - I have been recruited by my brother to do an AROC sprint on the same Sat.. he needs a third team member...and have had to unfortauntely ditch my loop entry.

I'd be keen for a group ride at a reasonable pace, any ideas for a meeting point?

I am aiming for a decent pace. I did it last year in 3 hours 16 minutes and hoping to better that. As for the meeting point, the official starting time is 7:30 but you can start any time around then. If it is anything like last year there are no massive crowds and it is nothing like the start of Sydney to the Gong. We started at 7:40 as we were running a little late and I can't remember being held up by other riders.

I'd like to start no later than 7.15 as I'd like to be through Morriset before the 50km riders start. I know a couple people are coming up the day before and I can also offer limited lounge room floor space for anyone that prefers not to have to get up super early to be here in time. Also have a small patch to pitch a tent if that helps

7.15 sounds like a plan Smiling

I'm happy with that, wife and her friend are doing the 50km. I'm assuming it will be fairly easy to spot others at this time in the morning at the start?

All good, I will have my mobile just in case. See you Sunday as I'm not riding this week as I figured a break was due and have a few niggling injuries.

I'll have my mobile too so can buzz you if need be, I'm going back to back this weekend with Lane Cove to Akuna and back on Saturday so I'll need dragging along on Sunday. See you there.

The rain was pretty rubbish though when we first started which would of been around 8amish.

Completed the 85km in just over 3 hours which I am quite happy with. Good to see so many people out, although I didnt envy those doing the ride on mtn bikes at all.

Profile here:

and good to see some familiar faces too. Well done Brian for PB and under 3 hrs, our time was a little more modest even with Pikey's mechanical shows up as our slowest part of the ride - his gear cable gave way and we managed to rig him up with 2 gears and he did almost half of the ride like that.

good ride at the LTL today.
Wll do a blog thing later but overall was a fun ride
no crashes
no flats
no other mechanicals
felt good to be out
finished in 2hrs 44min at 31.6km/h average. Smiling
Next yr with a good start time with all the fast people i think i can shave a bit of time off. Spent the whole ride navigating through all the mtbers and people who cant ride in a straight line or corner or brake properly Eye-wink


Sean advised me prior to lending his bike to me that the rear derailleur was jumping and crook!

Days before, I tweaked the gear tuner whilst on my bike stand and got things running fine,
All was good until the 30km mark when the jumping came back, much to Harry's amusement. 50 km mark, snap, no rear gears at all.

Pulled up then remembered that Harry advised me the night before as we packed the bikes, why take a heavy bike tool as nothing ever goes wrong.....Grrrrr!

Harry flagged down a motor bike Marshal to ask him do you have a tool kit, NO was his reply then Harry said well don't you think you should....I said Harry maybe we should carry TOOLS, we Lol.

Anyway, we ended up as the pic shows tying the cable to the frame in mid cog but it slipped three times down to bottom cog, so all I had for the last 30KM or so was low low or high low.

Good day out still, thanks to Harry Brian, Gary Shano and our new friend at Belmont peter.

see ya's next year.

Pikey Smiling

Good ride yesterday although as mentioned the weather was a bit ominous, turned out to be nice and sunny whilst I waited for the Mrs to bring the car back from Morisset, good job for the free papers.

I couldn't have been that far behind you Brian, somehow I scraped in under 3hrs too @02:59:58, check my splits in the profile as I had my first lap cycling to the start, all up 92km yesterday and 65km on saturday.

Good to see some the guys I haven't seen for a while, albeit briefly.
See you next year!

3 seconds more and you could make next years goal to crack 3hrs Eye-wink. I'm going for a similar improvement from the previous year so that would make 2 hours 45 minutes a nice target Smiling. Interesting to see your cadence is on average 20rpm higher. How did your misses go with the 50km?

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