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Deposit Laid Down

By Logan - Posted on 09 January 2010

On a 2010 Giant TCR Advanced 2 Roadie. Paying the rest tomorrow and picking up early next week.

I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas now and just want to get on and ride it.

Full Carbon frame, 105's. I am on a large frame, as I am 6'4 and on the cusp of the XL, however cause I have a dodgy back (had surgery in June last year on a Bulging disc in my lower back) have gone for a slightly longer stem. XL would of stretched me out to much so yeah.

Going to be used for commuting and training rides etc in prep for Dirtworks and any other races I decide to get involved in. Cant wait to get the fitness levels up.

No pics yet, however will link to the Giant site:

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