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Change of plan... Ouch!

By Rob - Posted on 12 January 2010

Re: This ride meeting: 
3 Gorges from St Leonards

Well - this morning's ride was... erm... interesting.

It all started out so well - the first 5km or so Eye-wink But then we got lost in Artarmon (despite the fact I'd ridden this route many times before). Not a drama. Then we got lost in St Ives. Still no drama.

Then we were stopped by a road crew top of the Galston Gorge road. Apparently this will be closed for the next 2 weeks while they repair the bridge. Despite the fact they said they only just started (my logic was that the bridge would still be at least walkable) we were sent back. On reflection this was a silly thing to do - we should have gone down to the bridge before turning and coming back up the way we came - I mean, when else are you going to get to ride this section of road when it's closed? Although on reflection... perhaps that would have been a bit silly (read on).

At this point a decision was made to head North on the Old Pacific Highway and see what happened. All good still, although the sun began to come out which wasn't that bad a thing (or was it... read on).

A brief stop at Pie in the Sky on the way out for water and still feeling good it looked like a round trip to Mt White was on. Until I got a puncture entering the bridge by Brooklyn and while changing this the thought was that this was a sign and we turned round.

For me, this is when things went a bit pear shaped. For some reason (competitive nature? Eye-wink) I decided it would be fun to chase Steve01 up the hill from Brooklyn and max'd myself out for a good deal of the way. Not an issue, knowing we'd have a little food stop at the top. Although not so smart given we were less than half way through a 100km+ ride and by now it was getting bl00dy hot.

Suffice to say, the homeward leg was a bit of a case of survival for myself. Thankfully the headwind going North was a nice tailwind heading South (all to often the bugger turns round!) but even so, the climb out of Bobbin Head that was oh-so-easy a few days ago on the Rush was absolute torture.

It didn't help that we again got lost in St Ives around Vista St (steepest road in the suburb!) but eventually home was in sight. And the legs knew it - cramped on gentle penultimate climb of the day and had to go round the block to make the last one longer and spin that out. Ouch!

So yeah... nice bit of fun. Completely smashed. Same again next week? Eye-wink

P.S. Garmin thingo for reference. 107km, 1705m vertical. Pathetically slow time but I'll blame the getting lost and puncture and stop at Pie in the Sky for that Eye-wink

Closed just for today... what are the chances?

These people who get to ride during the week can't have it all their way Evil

Rob, is your garmin set to autopause when you stop?
Or does the timer keep ticking over till you hit the stop button


I don't like the auto-pause, especially on the MTB. If you're riding technical stuff slowly and picking your line it can think you've stopped and the beeping is annoying.

When riding on the road I try and hit the lap button when we stop/start but sometimes forget Sad

Anyhow, in this ride there were probably these significant stops:

- Where we were turned back from the Galston Gorge and were having a chat with the workers.
- Water stop at Pie in the Sky.
- Tyre change on the Brooklyn bridge.
- Snack stop at Pie in the Sky.
- Time of a lie down top of Bobbo climb.

We also stopped numerous times at lights and to debate the direction when lost Eye-wink

There is a lap in Artarmon because we deviated from the course I'd set I stopped and re-started the course. This split the activity in two but I manually edited the XML files, glued them back together and did a manual upload to get the one posted.

i have just started using this function on mtb and the roadie and i like it. i too forget to restart and then you have all these strange laps on file. and the suunto t3c i use doesnt beep when pausing.

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