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John Abeni Road Frame

By Toddy - Posted on 22 January 2010

Hi All,

My recently retired neighbour has relocated to the Far North Coast of NSW, he took his AZZURI carbon fibre road bike, but gave me his old John Abeni road bike, minus saddle and pedals, I've got spares so I fitted it up and took it for a ride, but unfortunately it's not for me. Much prefer the mtb !

So, Tiagra running gear, mavic wheels. But the rear shift only gets you to the 4th gear, sometimes and the bar tape needs replacing. Frame in good condition, no rust. Would make a good commuter.

Anyway, without saddle and pedals, what do you think its worth ? Very retro, 1980 build


PS. Also posted this in the classifieds

Edit. Not 105 Running Gear


"PS. Also posted this in the classifieds"

We don't like double posts around here... as you are more asking a question that posting an ad. this forum topic lives and the ad. goes to the great bit bucket in the sky Eye-wink

BTW, got any pictures?

And how big is it?


Thanks Rob, used the shotgun approach.

Will get pics and measurements tonight and post, might need your help with the pics !


Hi Jim,

It's 56cms

Regards, Scott

Sorry for the delay in getting the pics up, been a bit hectic. Will get it done tonight

Cheers, Toddy

Hi Rob,

Pics are up under Equipment - Complete Bikes

Take a look !

Cheers, Scott

John Abeni Road Bike John Abeni Road Bike John Abeni Road Bike John Abeni Road Bike

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