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Puncture Questions

By Brian - Posted on 25 January 2010

Besides having a total tyre blowout here (then going tubeless) I have never actually had a puncture that required repairing in all my time of riding except on Saturday which I did on my roadie. I have two questions

1. I thought tubes came with talcum powder on them? My one didn't so I added it. Is this ok for the roadie or have I just done a big nono?

2. I could see where something has punctured through the tyre which is quite small (less then 1mm). Do I need to repair or replace the tyre?

I'm only asking this as roadies run such stupidly high pressures.



In my experience Talc has been a good addition to roadie tyres/tubes.
A lot of people will say in the real world you cant tell the difference but a lot of people claim things like lower rolling resistance, and less chance of punctures. Im dont know if there is much difference but I like to think there is so im happyputting talc in my tyres.

Dont worry about replacing the tyre that has a small hole. You can always use supeglue to glue it back together. works great on any hole up to about 5mm.

Most of the punctures I have had on the road bike are from tinny pieces of glass that make a small hole in the tyre before piercing the tube. Make sure the glass is not still in the tyre when you change the tube or it will go flat straight away. Poking it out the way it came in is usually the best solution.

1. Powder makes tubes easier to install. Doesnt seem to make a rats bum of difference once they're pumped and ridden from what I can tell.

2. Check there's nothing still in the tread. Also check it hasnt cut through the inside as well. If it hasnt gone right through, dont stress about it. I've got plenty of >1mm nicks in my road tyres. If its cut through the whole tyre, replace it, or put a patch inside the tyre. You'll probably get annoying bumping on smooth roads if you do that.


If its cut through the whole tyre, replace it

Sorry to be naive but besides a pinch flat doesn't the object always go through the tyre to cause the puncture Puzzled

I can see the spot where it went through my tyre and it is the size of a pin hole or maybe a little bigger.

is if the tyre bulges at normal inflation at the point of the puncture or cut, it's toast and is not safe to ride.

Bear in mind if the tyre fails while riding at speed the cost will be a lot worse than the few bucks you save by deferring replacement, so I'd be conservative. If you have any doubts as to the integrity of the casing, chuck it.

I had a complete tyre and tube blowout...and it was loud...the sidewall was ripped 30mm..and it only had 10kms of use ( Hutchinson btw Sad ).
No tube was going to get me out of trouble and I was very lucky to be still close enough to home to walk it.
It seems I was unlucky and the lbs happily replaced tyre/tube for me..
Does this happen often ?

Shano, that does remind me of a blow out I had a while ago. I hadn't ridden my mtb bike for a few years and it had been sitting there all that time with flat tyres. I then inflated them and was only half way up my road when the rear tyre blew the side wall out. Had your been sitting around?

Brian it was sitting around in a bike shop Eye-wink

"...doesn't the object always go through the tyre to cause the puncture"

Yeah, it does. I was meaning more for a slash or a cut in treads. If its just a pinhole or nail or something, it will usually heal itself to some extent. If its cut the threads in the tyre casing, it'll tear apart if you put too much pressure into it.

Thank you for the replies. Actually after posting this I found my other tyre was totally deformed. I tried going local to get a replacement but the tyre wouldn't be available until the end of Feb. I now have 2 tyres on order and will keep one of the old ones as a spare.

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