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Another one for the dark side .... [n+1]

By Hans - Posted on 08 February 2010

Another one for the dark side ....

Pick the new [N+1] ride....?


Another one for the dark side [N+1]


So what did you get?

no mistaking their decal and front fork with the "not sure what it's called" absorbtion

'Save-on-carbon-use-jello' replacement system. Eye-wink

Nice one Hans. It seems white is the new black... I like it!

The jello makes it schmooth....!

No road buzz - even with 110 psi in the tyres...


Nice. Just in time as the tracks look to be under water for a while

on 14 March - posted ride come along will be a fun day out.

2009 Specialized Roubaix I win?

you bought a real road bike Hans, Specialized = Fun + performance . All the Nobmobers that ride Cannondale Roadies will have massive bike envy

Does Huffy have a road bike Eye-wink

Nice bike Hans Smiling

White bikes get dirty real fast, I commute on my Advanced 2 which is white and blue, more like white, speckled black and blue.

Hi Steve

You're right...there may be some bike envy from the Cannondale riders.

I even test rode on of those fast blue 'Dales... just to make sure.

I guess they have their place (and time).... Eye-wink

Switching to Cannondale?

The new roadie in the stable. Specialized Roubaix Expert in Large (58 cm)

...from eBay... 5 month old... 2/3 of retail price.

The previous owner regretfully sold it - as he was diagnosed with a knee condition from other sport activities.

I took it for a spin to Akuna Bay and West Head this morning....nice smooth riding in the warm summer rain. Eye-wink

Perfect sizing for me. Perfect for getting into shape for the Mont. Go Team Big Test Icicles!

N+1 Specialized Roubaix Expert

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