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Strange Creaking Noise coming from my Roadie...

By Logan - Posted on 09 February 2010

Ok so my TCR Advanced 2 has developed a creaking noise from somewhere but I cant determine where from, I think it might be from the BB, however not sure.

The noise seems to only come about when I am maintaining a decent cadence on the pedals, when I freewheel or get out of the saddle and put the power down no noise at all from the BB, however when I am in the saddle and just pedalling normally, the noise is there.

Bike is only 4 weeks old, I have not crashed it or anything and its kept indoors when not in use, including when I am in work. I do commute pretty much rain or shine though. I purchased it from Cranks so have free servicing for a year so should be able to get it sorted fairly easily.

Any suggestions?


Cranks are pretty good... just use that years servicing Smiling

But before... check your chainring bolts are tight, that the chain isn't clipping the FD, dunno what type of cranks you have, but check they are tight if possible. Might even be your seat post clamp, is the post nicely greased?

Thing is - noises often don't come from where they sound they are coming from. If you know what I mean.

The noise going away when you jump on the cranks is puzzling but check the bb and the crank bolts are properly tightened. Unless you have the proper spanner get cranks to do it for you.

I often get a creak from the seat, where the rails connect to the seat itself. A few drops of oil and it disappears for a month or two.

May be your bars creaking in the stem.
Pretty much just go over sall the bike to be sure.....
I have found it sometimes is the pedals have just come a touch loose, so try them as well

Seat or headset. Mine was creaking cause the stem wasnt clamped tight enough onto the steerer. Tightened it up, fixed. My old seat used to creak like mad, so I changed it.


One of mine was so loud it sounded like a honeymooning couple on an old spring bed. Sad Looked everywhere: BB, suspension pivots, seatpost, cracked frame Shocked couldn't find it.

And then a thought struck me! No noises when out of the saddle. Hmmm. So a spot of chain lube was delivered at each of the three contact points with the titanium rails and ... blessed silence! Smiling

I have tightened up the stem and headset which seemed to reduce some of it, but I think its a lack of grease on the rails of the saddle.

Hopefully remedy that one tonight, deffo not the BB I think since I can get the powerdown and there is no noise.

Cheers for your help guys.

contact points should also be considered. Sorry for being vague - that's were the issue was on my saddle - where the rails went into the saddle.

Ah right I follow, yeah cool will check that as well.

I have a 2009 TCR Advanced 2 and I had a creaking noise that developed on the 3rd ride with the exact same symptons. It was happening while in the saddle, but when freewheeling or out of the saddle, no sound. I took it back to the shop and told them about it, and he said it was the seat post because apparently you're not meant to use normal grease for carbon on carbon, so apparently he put in some special "carbon grease" and I have had no problems since then.

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