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Scumming in the rain?

By Rob - Posted on 10 February 2010

So... scumming in the rain isn't bad for your bike?

I've got here a headset bearing full of grit and frame full of water that says different.

The headset was greased not so long ago too.

Can't see me being able to source a new bearing in the next couple days so think the old one might have to go back on for a while Sad


Whats it running? A little bit of tape over the fork crown to stop anything getting up the steerer is always a good idea.

An excellent opportunity to introduce the idea of a "rain bike", perhaps?


Sticking out tongue

That's odd because you would have thought that a Cyclocross bike would be better suited to crappy conditions i.e. sealed up in the right places.
Should you be using higher quality grease perhaps?

Yeah... that's what I would have thought.

To be honest, I rode it over quite a bit of dirty the last week or so Eye-wink

It's a Cane Creek Headset and was re-greased a month or so ago with some red stuff I have. Zefal sounds familiar but I could be wrong. This grease was quite light but it's red... so must be good! Eye-wink

... if it's red. Eye-wink

Yeah that John Deer tractor of yours is made for the wet and mud isnt it?

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