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New roadie

By FLY - Posted on 14 February 2010

I have been having a look around for a road bike to ride on days like this when offroad isn't available.

Looking at spending $2500. For this there are many options but what is more important - the groupset or the frame? Composite frame with lessor groupset or aluminum frame with a better groupset?

Any advise would be great.



Groupset over frame, provided that the bike (frame, stem, bars etc.) actually fits you. You could be on a $20000 bike and if it doesn't fit, you are going to be cursing as well as be in a lot of pain (in the long run).
Some shops offer customers a basic fitting for their bikes (once purchased) and if you don't know your measurements and frame geometry etc. I highly recommend getting a bike fitting.

If you know your measurements and are familiar with the various brand sizes (frame sizes can differ from brand to brand) you could go the second hand option as $2500 should land you a sweet 2nd hand ride i.e. carbon frame with Shimano Ultegra groupset & maybe even Dura Ace mix.

It also depends on how much riding you plan on doing. If you are just doing the a few kms a few times a month, then overall bike weight shouldn't be too much of an issue. With new roadies, the difference between light and heavy bikes is far smaller than MTB (and I'm not factoring in DH). I lightweight roadie is around the 7kg mark (6.8kg being the UCI minimum), while a 'heavy' bike may be around the 10kg mark.

Give us a shout if you need more info... welcome to the light Eye-wink

The group set is important, but once you're at 105 or equivalent the improvements are marginal unless you are racing. The frame is important but the big one is the wheels. Really good wheels make a massive difference.

Junkie your only saying that cause your frame is a Cannondale Eye-wink

I recently switched over to road riding as well as Mtb and yeah have been enjoying it (read loving it)

I had about the same money and went for a TCR Advanced 2, nice bike with 105 groupset all round. Granted not Dura Ace or Ultegra, but fairly robust all the same.

The more I look the more options I find!

One of my first options I saw and liked was the TCR Advanced. Also saw the Scott speedster s20 today that looked good as well.

I'll get fitted up and see which one fits best.


As previous posts state it depends on how you intend you use it and bike fit is more important. I ride an Avanti Cadent and its has 105 running gear and is about 9kg which is fine for what I use it for. I chose it as its built more for comfort then speed.

Dee Why bike hub have the Oppy C5 reduced to $2150 (page 27 of todays Daily) and Bike Addiction emailed out yesterday they are doing the Giant TCR with 105 for $1999 and Ultegra for $2499.

What do you mean "days like this when offroad isnt available"? Does that mean just in the wet? Dont spend up big if its gonna get wet and left, you'll destroy components good and fast. Do you want to be able to put racks on it or just a loop-ride bike? Race or relaxed geometry?

$2500 is a fair budget. Loads of bike, even second hand, would fit the bill for that coin.

Thanks Brian - I went and had a look at the C5 Oppy and for the money it looks good. A few good reviews on other websites as well. Guys at Bike Hub are very helpful.

Yes Familyguy looking for a road bike for when the trails are wet and shouldn't be ridden plus a bit of training at other times. No racks just something to ride up to West Head etc when I can.

Can't say enough about either - I got the Lyon which is last years model and the guys at BH have always been 10/10 with service even before I bought the Oppy.

Is all good. I have Gazza's old Le Mauco frame and campag set up with Zonda Wheels

The thing is great and keeps on keeping on - I have also done a few seriously wet rides and it held up well.

yeah make sure you get a frame that fits as you can always upgrade some parts later.


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