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By ar_junkie - Posted on 19 February 2010

Saturday, 3 July, 2010 - 22:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

552 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Your TV... Eye-wink


Will update more later on...

Just a heads up for when the Tour starts on TV. Time to pull out those wind trainers and ride with the peloton.

Who's in?
Rob, Justin, pikey, Whisperer, daves, GAZZA, Bruce, ar_junkie, Steve 01, Sly, hawkeye, Hans, LadyToast, Supagav, spart, Dibbler, Logan, craked (18 riders)
Rob Justin pikey Whisperer daves GAZZA Bruce ar_junkie Steve 01 Sly hawkeye Hans LadyToast Supagav spart Dibbler Logan craked
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Well I reckon we might need to get a TV for this to happen....
shopping time....

So who has the biggest Full HD TV? .....and can we all stay over for a few weeks? Smiling

I wonder if it will also be available in 3D..?

I had to share this video I saw on the Avanti Site and add to Junkies Peloton!

at Manly Dam.

I'd piss myself laughing Smiling

They go through the Alps first and then the Pyrenees.

Stages 9, 17 look to be fairly significant mountain stages, with Stage 17 finishing at the top of the Tourmalet.

Not long to go now.

MayMyRide has a pretty cool site with each stage plotted on GMaps complete with route elevation and details... check it out -

Meh... too many clicks see All the 2010 Tour stage profiles Sticking out tongue

Crashes galore!
Hopefully there aren't too many sore riders for tomorrow's rather interesting stage...

Big crashes, Cavendish would be pissed and the other HTC guy is out with a broken collar bone as well.

I am looking forward to Stage 3 this week, I will be getting up early on Wed morning to watch the last part of the Cobbles!

1. Record it on your PVR.

2. Watch the show from 10pm.

3. Last as long as you can. If the racing is good, this could be until 2am.

4. Get up and continue watching what you missed the night before while eating breakie. Skip ahead until you know you have time to watch the distance left. Keep an eye on the time of the breakaway as you skip - that's all that counts. Depends how long you have before work, but you should always be able to enjoy the last 10-20km, which on these flat stages is the good bit anyhow.

5. Watch the highlights (that you recorded that morning, while watching the end of the live stuff - right?) in the evening just to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Rinse & repeat Eye-wink

my alarm is set for 5:30am......on site by 6:30........ Sad

When do I fit in the "catch up on what I missed" bit?

Bring on the "No Dose" drugs !!!!

(time for barricades to keep back those crazy fans) and make them put some clothes on!

I have to be in the office by 8.30am at the very latest, so my tactic is to watch as much as possible from 10pm and then catch up on what I miss by either wake up early or watch the highlights on SBS online which are normally pretty decent.

Wow, what a stage! It certainly created havoc for some of the teams' strategy. I thought 'flat' stages were boring Eye-wink

Now that was a bike race! Leap-frogging in the leaderboard, more bike mechanicals than in the Capital Punishment & the return of a few unsung heroes...
Great stuff!

the first big crash all because one of the boys couldn't lift the bikes front wheel to get up and over the gutter!!!!! Funny, but not if you crashed into him!!!!!

... at one point in stage 3, Contador hopped up onto the footpath, then hopped back down again all within a few metres.

Who'd have thought!?

unashamedly watching road riding and talking about it on an open forum Sticking out tongue

I thought the last 10 kays of stage 5 was brilliant. I almost hit max HR eating my porridge!

a punch up after last night's stage LOL

Road Rage! Eye-wink

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