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Suggested bike

By daveh - Posted on 29 March 2010

I have recently got back into mtb and when I was looking for a bike there were heaps of excellent suggestions about the brand/model that I should look into. This made it made it a lot easier when wading through all the options considering that I initially did not know a lot about what I was looking at. I'm hoping to get the same suggestions for buying a road bike as it is difficult to rack up the kms I would like to sticking to the mtb alone.

My concentration is still going to be on the mtb so do not need the ducks nuts (I would rather save my cash for another mtb). I am on the bigger side of the human race (195cm, 95kg) so need something that I won't squash. Of course, I appreciate it comes down to how much I want to spend. I really want to get away with the minimum I can but not buying rubbish that I am going to regret as I reach a standard that is above what it is capable of.

Any suggestions of brand/model combinations to get me started on my research?


Giant XTC 29er for someone of your size!!! and that does not want to spend a lot. I am guessing you want gears? tell us what type of riding you want to do? hard tail/dually? how much you ride/ want to ride? do you want to race? how often?
There are a lot of choices out there now but we need a bit more background info to give you an nformed answer. fill us in on the above questions and we will point you in the right direction.

I started looking 5 weeks ago but didnt make a purchase before going overseas for 5 weeks. I am about to start looking again.

Narrowed it down to the Malvern Star carbon oppy and the Giant tcr advanced. Both less than $2500 from memory with 105 groupset.

Actually after a road bike. I have my dually mtb which I am very happy with but would like to put in some more kms. With winter coming, that looks like being some time on the road to get the fitness up a bit.

is a hardtail with slicks. Better still, one with 700c rims and slicks.

Here is mine in commuter mode. Imagine it minus panniers, racks, and ugly bar ends.

That way with a wheel change you have yourself another offroader good for racing on courses with lots of groomed firetrail. Smiling

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