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N+1, My holiday souvenir, but they forgot the paint.......

By Slowpup - Posted on 25 April 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I like to do things differently, so took the plunge on a Chinese made and branded road frame while in Beijing, and carried it, three oversize suitcases and three kids back leaving my wife to continue on to St Petersburg by rail. I have transferred the shabby 8 speed components off my old bike, and will upgrade as we go along........ otherwise it isn't maintenance. Right?

With 3 kids on my hands I'm looking forward to riding the thing further than around the block.....when the wife returns from her current holiday, which was in trade for the last complete bike I bought.

Very happy with the chinese quality, except the BB needed a lot of facing to square up, thanks Stan at BA. I suppose the American brand name resellers do that themselves, or pay extra for the QA check? The BB locking faces were distorted from the welding process, but had been left 0.4 mm OS so finished up exactly 68.0 mm. Threads/bores were still round luckily. Head tube etc was square and round, drop outs and hanger perfectly square and straight, oh but there was a burr on the cut edge where the seat stays bond into the short tube. For 1/3rd the retail price of the same spec frame with a brand name I can put up with an extra hour spent on the build.

These guys also do a range of beautiful HT 26" MTBs, no carbon stays though. More expensive than a Giant, but cheaper than a Yeti! I don't know if there is a 29er in the ranks......

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