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Coloured Tyres?

By Rob - Posted on 04 May 2010

So... I'm doing a build and coloured tyres have been requested. Does anyone have any views on either Maxxis Detonator or Conti Ultra Sport:

Neither have the high TPI that what seems to be a feature of the tyre of choice (the Ultra Gatorskin) but both claim to have some puncture resistance.

I know GP4000 come in colours, but they are almost twice the price and their extra grip probably wouldn't be required for this rider Eye-wink

Will probably go the Detonator, but thought would ask opinion first.

used to have them on my old bike (now on martine's wheels ) hard wearing tough tire.

Worth considering:

Schwalbe Ultremo or Durano series. Come in bold colours, too.



So using continental gatorskins should be all good Eye-wink

I have used GP4000 which ride very nicely but puncture easily, would recommend these for racing only.
Also rode on a Maxxis Detonator once & once only until it detonated after just 40km of use, could of just been bad luck or a faulty tire but I will never try them again.

The other thing with coloured tires is they dont look so go once the have a few km's on them.

I've just put these tyres on my racing bike and love, love, love them!

Last week's race was on a wet course and I had really good grip, especially going up the hills and cornering. They are very light, but hard wearing and look great, too.

I bought them from Croydon Cycles in VIC and had them within 24 hours. Total cost $159.90.


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