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Pratiwi's Pro-lite #1

By Rob - Posted on 20 June 2010

The aftermath of an afternoon's building efforts. Bartape to be applied and then it's complete.

7.3kg in case you're wondering. Yes - even with that lardy groupo, and lardy pedals and lardy saddle (the later is just temporary I think) Eye-wink


So after the bar tape is on, are you going to 'finish the wheels'?
Sticking out tongue

Looks good. Mine is about 9.5kg from memory so there's nothing lardy about it. You now just need to post an AB+WH for this Saturday at 9am Eye-wink

Well - it's all relative Eye-wink

Have made numerous compromises but can get away with them because of the rider's svelte proportions.

- SRAM Rival is their entry level groupo.
- The saddle is the one that came on my crosser but I found too fat so let's see how a girl likes it.
- It's got MTB pedals.

The most impressive components are the fork/bars which were picked up on flea-bay for not much. The fork is 255g now it's cut down to only 164mm would you believe?! And that's still too long really (will trim more perhaps after fit has been confirmed). The bars weigh 195g, only 38cm wide shallow drop - a real find!

Mind you, the skewers are Ti axle, carbon handle and someone picked one up on the weekend and asked, "Is this made from air!?" Eye-wink

In case anyone wonders if it's worth building your own bike like this, consider: the cost was basically the same as a mid-range Giant but it weighs 1.6kg less! That is on top of the fact that even the smallest Giant didn't fit the rider (stock top tube, cranks and stem all too long).

OK, OK... I'm going to have to post the full parts list aren't I? Sticking out tongue

and with individual weights too.

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