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Garmin Transitions

By Ed - Posted on 06 July 2010

Garmin Transitions team website is worth a look if you are a bit of a tech head, as they are uploading some of their riders garmin data from the tdf. check it out:


Oh man... that is sooooo cool. Keep an eye on their list on GC:

Check out Millar's HR on stage 1. 120bpm average, but look at the spike on the sprint to the finish:

Check the max cadence, check the max hr, check the max power! I want to give up Sad

The wattage - Shocked

Whats Cadence?

Is that a dance Cadel Evans does? and if so why does Garmin care?? Sticking out tongue

Loving the Information, some of that info is incredible.

Julian Dean came in 4th last night, he and Martijn Maskaant have profiles up, but no HR data.

Obviously the HR data gives the competition a little too much info, and actually, I was thinking it was a bit generous of them to include it on the other plots. Must be time to get serious, eh? Eye-wink

But noticed that Jason English has made his Garmin data available from some of his recent wins

Husky Enduro

Capital Punishment

@Nick R - Wow... that's cool. Have cross posted that over on MTB: Smiling

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