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300Km - Check :)

By leximack - Posted on 18 July 2010

have had a goal for a while to do 250km and also 300km and another one to ride ride to Lithgow return (i have plenty of othe goals also)
So why not knock them all over in one hit Smiling
Pretty good ride, ate alot, kept hydrated, had the right amount of clothing for the conditions. Overall a super day on the bike.
Only problem was a mate had a flat (to be expected with riding 300km), and my rera derailer started playing up 35km from home (suspect frayed cable), so decided to not change gears (broken rear derailer cable is so much harder to change then a non broken one), so picked a gear and turned it into a Dual speed. Worked well as the last 35km is fairly flat.
Hmm what to do next? Eye-wink

Well done, crazy but well done.

Don... you need some serious attention! In more ways then one Eye-wink

Whats with the heroics...?
Well done for going for the long haul....thats double my longest ride! Eye-wink

Heroics? hardly
simple really, i had a goal to ride 300km, i achieved it Smiling.
Have plenty more goals on my list. Eventually will get through them.

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