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What's in the box?

By Rob - Posted on 10 August 2010

It's a thing of beauty Smiling

Oh dear - I really have come to the dark side now! Eye-wink


The force is too strong Sticking out tongue

PS. I do remember how much you resisted in the beginning Eye-wink

am i right? what did i win?


@Tien... S1? No, no, no... don't think so.

You loose. You have to give up those new wheels we spoke about Eye-wink


aluminium, steel, rubber, hmmm... maybe some carbon fibre and other plastics, and a wee bit of lubricant?

No lubricant, no rubber. Tiny bit of plastic and steel (like, 20 grams maybe).

Plus a whole load of soot Eye-wink

Sticking out tongue

@ Brian - there were so many NoBMoBers that were anti-scumming back in the day... Eye-wink Some are still closet roadies, but they too will be consumed by the dark side!

Huffy Racing bikes are highly prized collectors items. They do exist!

Looks like some cheap Chinese rip off of a Cervelo frame.

See how they have strategically placed the tape over the name. Probably says Cervedo under the tape Eye-wink

Plus a whole load of soot Eye-wink

Not much plastic? What do you think holds the soot together Laughing out loud Sounds like mostly plastic to me then. Eye-wink

So I think we've also established that it's a frame and not a whole bike.


the Dura-Ace 7850 CL wheels do really look nice, feel well made, roll very nicely, with carbon laminate on it an only 1380 grams. Any gram will help to offset the metal frame they will be put on.

Wait until my roadie is complete... none of this glued-up soot you just bought.


I recognised the tape on the box ? from PBS? got hit with import tax?


So Rob is getting a carbon soot bike and Tien is getting a steel bike?!

@phil... I'm not sure how you knew, but yes, I think it might be a squirrel:


Bl00dy funny looking one though!

Laughing out loud

Been eating too many twinkies Laughing out loud

Looking at the 7850 wheels. What's the difference between clincher and tubular?


Yeah, it's dodgy road gear talk.

Clincher are regular tyres. You put a tube in, use levers to put the tyre on the rim (which grips with a bead) with tube inside, inflate.

As far as I can tell tubular tyres are like an extra thick inner tube with grip on one site (the road side) which you glue (or attach with double sided tape) directly to a tubular wheel which doesn't use a regular bead to hold it on.

Seems that tubulars are allegedly lighter and can handle more pressure but due to the tape/glue are a PITA to change.

or tubs or sew-ups are glued onto the rim. A guy I used to work with used to road ride with them, and he'd just carry a spare and punctures weren't really any more of a threat than today. At least with tubs the punctures were slow leaks and didn't suddenly decompress, so he said. The glue used never really sets. In part, the air pressure holds them in place.

All the TdF guys use them. Apparently they roll significantly better than clinchers. The only recent development to come close in the rolling resistance stakes are road tubeless.

here's an interesting article:

Puzzle Pieces

to seeing the puzzle solved.

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