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Cervelo RS Build - Part 1

By Rob - Posted on 05 September 2010

Here's a few pictures from a build that went most of the way together today. Sadly it couldn't be completed due to one of the gang who has the crank set for this project being tied up... fathers day or something... what's all that about?! Eye-wink

As if you can't guess what's going on in the pictures, pretty standard stuff occurred today, but...

1. Be very, very careful... I'm cutting steerers...
2. ... done sawing...
3. ... done with a bit of sandpaper (which came with the fork).
4. Precision measuring! There's a 3rd spacer that will go on above this which gives clearance for the cap & bolt. The spacers are above the stem and give a little 'wiggle room' for fitting. The steerer can always be cut shorter if this isn't required in the future.
5. Slightly disappointed with the fit of the top headset bearing. Nothing a small 'O' ring won't fix though. I've mailed Cervelo just to double check this is normal.
6. SRAM Red Cassette... only has teeth on the very inside of the carrier. The 11 & 12 tooth cogs that fit separate to this carrier also have teeth though.
7. Story so far. Yes - our balcony is a little untidy, clearly we don't live here for the view and compact cameras have terrible barrel distortion! Eye-wink

It might turn out that a lay back post is required but the one on there (a Doric Team) came with the bike so think it is worth seeing how the ride is with that before making a decision.

But it could do with some cranks.

Will be keen to hear what you think of a proper road bike after riding the Crosser...

Coming together very nicely, Rob. Smiling

My understanding from reading about a few failures of carbon steerers is that you want the steerer tube to be slighlty below the spacer so that the top cap bears on the spacer, not the tube?

Trek has had a run of failures due to incorrect installation - take a look here (linked from cache as the original webpage seems to have issues with IE8):

Might be worth an email to Cervelo or 3T to seek clarification.

I've mailed Cervelo just to double check this is normal.

Sticking out tongue

Will let you know the outcome of course.

Yeah - the guys at Cervelo say this gap is normal so all good. Now... where's that crankset?! Eye-wink

Part of what they said...

What you have described sounds normal. I base this statement on the fact that I have seen other RS frames presented with a similar concern. The visibility of the upper bearing is a factor of the headset itself. We have found various headset options vary in terms of how much "skirt" seal coverage is provided under the upper bearing cap.

Even with a narrow band of bearing case visible there is little to be concerned about. The upper portion of the bearing case is still covered, providing it standard coverage from the elements. Addition of an o-ring, or changing the upper bearing cap will provide even better coverage if required.

Rob, Is that a conventional or integrated headset, or a drop in type? Model link would help.....

What is actually showing in the gap? is it the side of the bearing outer race or the side of the press in housing?

If the flange under the cone spacer is not rotating, then I suspect you may have a long term issue. The cap and flange don't appear parallel, indicating summat could be out of place.

Oh, beautiful bike too

It's an integrated headset so all there is sitting in the top of the headtube is a single bearing. On top of that is a seal and then the cap. Cervelo reckon this is no drama as water cannot get into the bearing as the top is covered with seal and cap.

Maybe it's the angle of this picture, but the gap all round where the sidewall of the bearing is even and about 1mm is showing all round.

From what I can tell it's just cosmetic is all so I wanted to put something black in there. Perhaps I should just paint the side of the bearing Eye-wink

Integrated, then yeah sounds like its all good.

I was thinking if that was a press in......

To seal the head tube from water ingress you could seat the bearing outer with a thick waterproof grease. That'll at least protect the bottom race from moisture getting in and sitting above it? Is it a stainless steel bearing? If not it'll be rusty enough in no time you won't need to bother with the black paint Eye-wink

Still thinking its a lovely bike.......

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