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CAAD9 Drive side

By Supagav - Posted on 05 November 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Yeah I know MTB pedals on a roadie.... This will be sorted soon enough


Would look even better with white bar tape to match the saddle Smiling

The same colour. But awesome looking bike..

As for pedals, I rode my roadie for 1 Year with MTB pedals, it was only today, I got a pair of Stainless Speedplays. So far so good, but I recommend you get correctly fitted. PM me and I'll give you the details. Cranks look fine to me, why do you want to change them?

Well this bike started with white bar tape and while it looks great inside the moment you actually ride it turns into a grey. I rode home all of 5km and the tape looked bad aready.... thus the reason for red tape and white saddle. THe saddle will be swaped out for a red SLR or WTB (if i can find one)

The cranks on there are great but I have some cannondale SI cranks waiting to go on. the are SO STIFF and super light as well (sub 600g complete so im told)
I will post an updated photo once the spec is sorted.

Wait until Loz has ridden this a few times, am sure you'll be able to pick it up cheap Eye-wink

Seat City

Lovely looking ride Gav, how much does it weigh?

If I wait for Loz to ride his bike and decide that he doesnt like the saddle i will be waiting quite some time..... Im unsure of weight at the moment, I will weigh it once all the parts are sorted. Yes i know i should just finish building it before posting photos and riding it but I just have to get out on it...

I'll be happy to sell it if my fat ass doesn't break it first! Shocked

Correct, the White gets dirty. I too have white (with a white seat) bar tape, but am regularly cleaning it, every three rides. Rag with soap and water works just fine!

guys - try Lizard Skins bar tape - it doesnt get dirty, its also tacky.

Well worth a look - hard to find but Clarence Street do stock it.

Gav - lets hook up for a roadie smash fest! Saturday morning @ Colluzzi!

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