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Loop The Lake

By Brian - Posted on 05 December 2010

Sunday, 13 March, 2011 - 07:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

85 km road ride around Lake Macquarie graded medium/hard in aid of John Hunter Chidren's Hospital, fun ride not as busy as the Gong. More details and early bird entry online until 04/03/11 only $45 entry after that or even on the day $55

I did this in 3 hours last time and have set myself a goal of 2 hours 45 minutes.

Who's in?
Harry, garyinoz, Brian
Harry garyinoz Brian
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Brian So close... All I can was that was tough. I had a goal of 2 hours 45 minutes which I knew was going to be tough. To get 2 hours 45 minutes I would have needed an average of 32km/h. My previous fastest ride ever was Loop the Lake 2010 with an average speed of...

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Pretty sure I'l be doing it again, laying down the gauntlet with that time, I'll be your wing man!

Nice one.

I finally entered last night. See you there.

entered we should at least catch up at the start.

I will be aiming to start at 7am.

Based on my last years time and dividing the course into 4 x 22km sections. To do it in 02:45:00 I need to do the following splits

00:45:31 (29.0km/h) - 00:45:31
00:43:34 (30.4km/h) - 01:29:04
00:39:24 (32.6km/h) - 02:08:29
00:36:19 (35.5km/h) - 02:44:48

good luck with 35.5 km / hr for the last section up past the hospital.

Training efforts so far no 30 plus / hr for me (although these are solo effort, may sneak that up with a group)

the last past is quite hilly. Brian you might be able to make some time on the 1st two sections if you can ride in a bunch, that will definitly help, otherwise on your own you will need to be motoring to hit a 35.5km/hr average I think.

All I did was split my last years time and decrease each section by the same percentage and last year I came home strong. I will actually just go harder from the begining to make up time there.

I think I might be aiming too high as last years loop the lake is my fastest ride ever with an average speed of 29.3km/h.

Aim high thats the point, if you make it or come close then you will have done well.

If you dont do it and you smash yourself from trying then at least you know you have done everything you can.

is going to be a factor - went out again this morning and on the way back (which is the ride up the eastern side of the lake) had a slight head wind. Only managed 27 km/hr ave which is 2 km's less than normal on this ride for me.

Yeah I figured weather will be a factor. Here's hoping for 24 degrees with a tail wind all the way Smiling

all the way, hmm that could be optimistic, sounds like we go out hard, find a pack to hang on to and hope we have enough in the tank for the last section.

I won't be doing a big ride on Saturday this time as I paid the price last year on the second half.

Sounds like a plan. see you there.

Just received my number, 837

for me - meet you guys at 6.50 at the start line? Way the winds blowing today the second half would be really quick but down to the turn would be really tough.

6:50am sounds good. I'm just hoping for a nice calm morning.

I know its early days but so far (northerly predicted) it looks like a tail wind for the first half and then a head wind for the second Sad

early to call but northerly is the prevailing wind this time of year and only gets up a little later (blowing like hell today). I reckon if we turn by 8.30 we should get a fair way up before it blows too hard.

I'm also carrying 3 bottles as I don't plan on stopping

too serious for me Brian, see you at the start and finish if you hang around. I plan on stopping at least once for water, maybe twice depending on how hot it is.

Yeah, I can't help myself. I've set myself a goal and even though its for charity for me it's race on Eye-wink

Actually, I'll take 2 and stop at the 56km rest stop to top up.

Lots of food and drink for me. Will see you guys at the start at 6.50...race on!

Harry, see what you can do with the wind.

was perfect nothing until about 8.30 and then lightly from the SW which would have been a tail on the leg home. Last 3 days have been good just hope it lasts one more. See you at 6.50 don't forget your bibs.

See you soon. I will be easy to see as I will have a fluro yellow top on Smiling

were excellent except a little head wind slowed the leg on the Pacific Hwy down a bit - didn't hold onto Brian and Gary, lost them at Morriset when I stopped for water. Happy with time of 2.56.07 which included a second water stop, 2 red lights and a dropped chain

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