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Giro Stage 6 (spoiler alert!)

By Rob - Posted on 13 May 2011

Wow... how good were the last 5-6 kays of stage 6? Attack, attack, attack...

Think I've said it before, but love it when the pros cross the line and collapse off their bikes. That's what we're paying for! Eye-wink

Edit: Well, I was trying not to give the game away but Logan has - up goes he spoiler alert! Sticking out tongue

FWIW, I get on each morning and find their dodgy feed of the end of the stage. Then watch SBS to find out if anything interesting happened earlier.

Definitely Rob, super exciting last few k’s!

@Lycra_Lout Gonna take road crews a week to fill the crater Petacchi left in the road after he blew up at the end of the Giro

Cant wait to watch the highlights later on.

Edit: It doesnt really give the game away....

It doesnt really give the game away....

Aside from letting everyone know Petacchi blew up when you would assume he would simply monster everyone else in that group in a sprint Sticking out tongue

Either way, it was great... go watch the highlights Laughing out loud

Surprised there was no "pedalling squares" comments by the Eurosport commentators....

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