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Cancellara :Pit stop ....and crazy descent :-)

By Hans - Posted on 24 May 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

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Wonder how he would handle that Urban DH race they have in Chile...

Nice bike and camera work on the TDF.

There are a couple of gaps you wouldn't want to get wrong on that DH clip. Wonder how many broken bones or other carnage there was on that race?

Where was his Team to pace him back in to the peloton?
Even though he wasn't the Team Leader you would think that wearing the Yellow Jersey he would get the support.

He's Cancellara... he doesn't need support going down hills Eye-wink

In fact, if his team had stopped to 'help' they would have likely just all got left behind Sticking out tongue

4:45, awesome footage going into the tunnel!

Can't believe the cornering - just missed support cars by inches a couple of times, and the lean angle in some of the corners was phenomenal. You could hear the commentators making the foreign language equivalent of "Phwoar! Shocked " on a couple of them.

All I know is I'm not prepared to test my Conti road slicks quite that far...

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