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cheapy road bike?

By willy101 - Posted on 04 June 2011

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I am looking to get an old and cheap road bike (for when it rains heaps and the trails are real wet) to use. Has anyone got any tips for one that i could get for around 200 dollars?

Cheers Will

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Honestly nothing new worth $200 will be worth your hard earned money. I would be trying to pick up a good deal second hand on ebay or locally. Another option is to invest in some cheap wheels and slicks to throw on your mtb when it gets too wet. Something like this could be worth considering if you have a few extra dollars Smiling

was thinking second hand but i find ebay rwal hard to navigate,

the cell is probably what im after btw



Hey... good plan, but you'll probably have to get very lucky to get something for that price.

That said, there are a few old school bikes on ebay. This link is hopefully a search for < $200 within 100Km of Sydney CBD:

You'll work hard but you will find a roadie on ebay. It will be about 10 years old, ally frame, 105 groupo and bulletproof. Buy it.

I've just gone through this exercise as well, the goal being to find a decent winter trainer for $50. I ended up getting this Malvern Star Equipe for $60; CroMo frame, 105 groupset and old-school with shifters on the downtube. There were quite a few options around when I was looking.

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