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Road Bike

By Tristania - Posted on 11 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've been long considering getting a road bike after I finish the HSC in November, but the increasing stress that the year provides motivates me to looking into getting one sooner. I'm looking be able to ride if my time's limited or too wet to ride off road, though next year I want to use it as a cross training method and hence would like it to be light and good quality, though would like to work in the budget of within $1000.

Any sggestions?

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I no how u feel mate im also in year 12 and it is very hard to ride with the time i have. Check out the classifieds, theres a giant tcr 1 for sale at $1000.00, looks nice and within your budget.

Good luck.

My first roadie was a second hand bike (6 years ago) and I still sometimes use it to commute with. Check out eBay, Bike Exchange and Rotorburn for some deals...

Post the link here if you would like some "expert" opinions on any particular bike you find.

How tall are you by the way?

Here an eBay example that would be a good start: based in Brookie, fairly new suits those shorter than 6ft... Smiling

I'm still a "store" sort of person, and have a cordial relationship with my local bike shop, feeling more comfortable buying a bike there where they can fix a problem free for the first year, etc. I've had a special offer for the Merida Ride 88-16 at $783 (RRP $949), though must buy effeciently if I do get it.
Any knowledge?

I know nothing in detail, but have just checked it out on-line. Looks like the perfect first roadie. At that price its hard to go wrong. Even if you decide to sell it, you'd get most of it back if you looked after it.
I reckon buy it.

Nice work looking after the local shop too - it'll pay dividends. What goes around come around.

Enjoy the roadie miles - your MTB riding will improve out of sight as a result.

I'll seriously look into it. The thing I know about road bikes is that they generally last longer due to the less serious conditions so should last me a fair while. ATM I just need it to get my mind of the schoolwork that's trying to brainwash me, but once that's over in November, I want to use it as an X-training device.

I thought you were after the best bang for your buck within your budget of $1k. Didn't realise that you were wanting new...
As Antsonline said, good on you for wanting to support your LBS.

...would like it to be light and good quality...

I suppose this is relative as that Merida Ride 88-16 is 8sp & Shimano Sora (and most of the other components on that bike) is not light.

Good luck with your HSC and happy training.

Compared to my 15+ year old third hand (at least) flat bar road with unknown origins before being found in a rubbish heap, any bike will be lighter and more suitible for me than that. I've looked at the cheaper flat bar hybrids in the shops, and it's lighter than them. Though I haven't put a second hand one out of the question - I just don't do much internet shopping and hence feel more confortable getting it from a shop which I bought my Anthem X3 from.

I'm looking into it - just need to collect as much info as possible.

Once you start training on a roadie, your MTBing will improve no end. I have had my roadie only just over a year now and from a fitness point of view, it has been incredible.

Good luck with the roadie, you wont regret it, I can remember when I bought my first roadie, I said I wouldnt shave my legs or race and just use it to train. 12 months later, I race for NSCC now, probably do 10+ hours a week on my roadie training, shave my legs and and am just addicted to it.

Maybe I am an extreme case of someone who has fallen on to the "dark side" as people say, but I just love riding my bikes and racing them, it's as simple as that.

I currently have a 10 speed hybrid that has unknown origins, but is at least 15 years old that I've been training on, but I'm just sick of having it move at the same speed as my MTB! That's where the idea to get a roadie came from. As well as cross training, I'm also looking for it as a different form of riding.

I swear it'll be the same for me - buy the bike, get addicted to RBing as well, and want to get better at both types! Thanks for that insight!

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