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By troubledutchy - Posted on 17 August 2011

Anyone had any experiance with road wheels from TWE? I've only heard good things about their MTB wheelsets but was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the road gear?



I have had a set for 12 months - don't know the model , they are 30mm , cost ~$700 for the pair.

Greg built to spec for me , 28 spokes rear, 24 front cause I am a bit heavy (was 100kg + at the time) even got blue nipples and decals to mach my bike .

They are light (~1700g ) , roll well and still true.

Would buy again


whats also interesting is I just fitted Hutchinson Fusion road tubelss tyres , then went on real easy , sealed well , checked them in a tub of water and no leaks -- will see how they go over the weekend.

There is some discussion about std rims and how compatible are they with tubeless tyres - seems very good with the TWE rims .

( used Stans tape and sealant)

Thanks for the opinions mate, i have a set on the way as we speak. Getting some of his older second hand stock, a set of SLR30's weighing in at 1560g and only costing me $400! I'm a convert to tubeless on the mountain bike but i have heard mixed reviews about the roadie side. I Think i'll ride them standard to start with and see how they go

tubeless all the way here. love it. 80psi = comfort and grip!

TWE built, parts chosen by me. Radial front, 2x rear.
Stans rims, revolution spokes 20/24, Alchemy hubs, rim tape and valves = 1215g. All for about $1k.

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