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Road Tubeless - First Impressions

By cRAZY Canuck - Posted on 28 November 2011

So I've bitten the bullet and had a crack at it, at 106kg the thought of being able to run less pressure plus more flat protection sounded pretty good. This is the first time I've gone tubeless.


HED C2 Rims, Stan's valves, and 2 layers of Stan's yellow tape with Hutchinson Intensives 700x25c (their actually 23c not 25c even though they say that).


Simple as pie. First one I was messing around with so took a couple mins longer. But basically tape'm, put the valve in, fit the tire, add goup (I put 1oz of stans in each tire) soap up and inflate. On the first tire I followed Stans online video with the inflate, test, add Stans, reinflate on the second tire I skipped the first inflate, fit it, added Stans and inflated. The tires weren't hard to fit they went on easy first time, required levers on the last 10cm of the last side.

A note on this - the track pump didn't work for me, I needed compressed air to get the bead to seat.

The Ride:

So far so good running them at 105psi (I used to run 120psi on tubes). They seem to corner and roll well. I pumped them up to 105psi for a light Sunday morning ride and they where still there for a Monday ride to work and a ride home. They've done 100km over 2 days.

The downside:

Their not light, about 40g heavier per wheel than what I'd normally run (cheep tubes, and Vittoria Zafiro's or Rubino's) Hutchinson lists the weight of the intensives at a touch over 310g (there are lighter options) on a high note there pretty pricy so at least you get some more rubber for that. Hutchinson are the only company that make tubeless road tire currently, hopefully this will change now that DT have joined Mavic in making most of their standard wheels with tubeless rims (no spoke drillings).

The Upside:

Lower tire pressure, the theory of no/fewer flats

Long term:

We'll see, I'll get back to you on that we'll see how they last.

I've been running road tubeless for a while now and so far so good. Shimano Dura-ace 2 way wheels with Hutchison Fusion tyres and all good so far. If you're looking at doing this then below is a lengthy thread on it.

If you can get a set of IRC Formula Pro tyres they are some of the nicest I've used. Much better than the Fusion 3s and comparabl with Conti GP4000S I think. Better than Pro3 Races.

I'm running the IRCs on one bike and the Fusion 3s on the other, both with DA C24TL wheels and the IRC seems to have much better puncture resistance and is more supple, has better road feel.

Alex cycles, had a look on the IRC website - good looking tires, might try the x-guards next

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