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Brake and Gear Cables

By cRAZY Canuck - Posted on 07 December 2011

So what do you use, my BMC came with Jag wires on a 105 groupset and there's so much friction isn't not funny (I also use a set of K-wings which probably doesn't help)

I've seen Gore, Shimano, the dreaded Jag, Yokozuna, Nokon, Powercordz any others?

inners and outers whenever I have need to move a chain to more than one pair of cogs.

Durace/Ulterga set or the 105 and lower set?

Never had any reason to complain either, and I get thousands of Km's between cable replacements on dirt.

I used to use XTR cables and outers exclusively, but first wet ride I'd have to replace the segment of outer down near the RD before teh next ride or it would start ghost shifting from grit caught in the last loop (Low Normal RD, not Shadow.)

Since moving to sealed Gore cables, no problem any more.

Nokon are supposed to be pretty good, too.

Gore and Nokon are basically the same. The cable sits within a second 'sheath' that runs the full length. The outer (be it the beading on Nokon, or normal looking stuff with Gore) then goes over that.
I have run both and they both work excellently.

Nokon looks the best and it certainly better if you have a very tight turn to make with the cable (aero-bars, funny suspension frames) but it is a real labour of love threading the beads onto the outer. Put aside a whole morning to do a bike. Gore is easy peasy - but look as nice.

Both are worth the extra $$ as you wont be replacing the cables for a long time with either set-up.

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