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Any alternative to the popular GP4000s?

By Neil_in_Oz - Posted on 01 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've been using the popular Continental GP4000s for a few years now and have been more than happy with the grip available although they do seem to cut fairly easily and the wear isn't that great (no surprise given the soft compound).
I'll have to replace the current pair very soon for the reasons above and wondered if anyone had any other options for 'fast training' use whether it still be within the Continental brand or from another supplier.
Price wise, the same (~$48 each) or less would be preferable.

I know a lot of people use Conti Ultra Gatorskins for the reasons you mention. Very resistant to puncture and long lasting. Can be had for a bit cheaper but are a bit heavier IIRC. I don't find grip an issue, but then again don't push my luck in the corners.

Conti Attack/Force combo is well regarded.

Must admit I like the grippy 4000s... happy to live with the wear if it keeps me upright in the wet

I'd like to get the schwalbes with the fancy white stripe but at the end of the day the tpi is excellent as is the grip so why change?

Reason for the change?
I suppose I'm just sick of the long (and sometimes deep) cuts the GP4000s seem to attract long before they are anywhere near their wear limit. I'm willing to give a decent alternative a go, if there is one.

My tyres are currently filled with dozens of small slices but none of them actually puncture the resistant lining.
I got one right through recently and patched the tyre itself. Looks like the puncture resistant lining actually works!
As a side note on the slices... You can fill them with a small squish of Fulaprene or rubberised adhesive / sealant.

I've used rubino pro's almost exclusively riding the roads of western sydney. I must be averaging over 2500 km between I'm pretty happy with them. Even got a rusty nail into the front tyre once, removed it, and kept riding that tyre for another 6 months!

You can get them for a good deal off torpedo7 when they're on special!

I commute with Gator skins and rarely have any issues with puntures. I can generally get about 5000km before I need to change tyres. I used the Krylions as well and I find them to be quite puncture resistant but not as good as the Gator Skins and I get about 4,000km before I need to change tyres. I find they roll alot better than the Gator Skins.

too true trim... i've found them the same. good, cheap and reliable. i've never fallen off at Beauie racing B using the Vittoria Rubino Pros and as a folding tyre they go on and off the rim easy. i've been using them for 5 yrs or more and they are alway good quality of manufacture. Cheap too 20-25 online. i'm 90kg or so and run 120-130psi.

Which version of the Rubino Pro are you guys using as there seems to be three:
Rubino Pro
Rubino Pro Slick
Rubino Pro Tech

I'm also hearing good things about the Michelin Krylion Carbon but they are pricier than the Vittorias.

try this;

i suspect its the latest version of the trusted original. can't comment on the Slick or Tech, sorry.

Michelin have a good rep too, but i've never used them.

Just plain 'ol Rubino Pro. Never tried the slick or tech...haven't seen 'em going cheap anywhere.

I've only used the 120 tpi version. They've now been upgraded to 150 tpi...I've got a couple ready to go.

They're currently < A$30 on CRC

Some black/black 23C Rubino Pros already in the CRC basket but just waiting for some feedback from them regarding a very recent order that was packaged abysmally and almost wrecked a new Oakley lens....

I ended up getting Gatorskins after all having seen the Rubino Pro's in the flesh and them reminding me of those dodgy old techno twin treads. Sad
I'm more than happy with the final choice although I won't rule out the Rubino Pro Slicks in future.
Thanks again for all the feedback.

Hope the gatorskins go well...but I was dead keen to hear a local comparison between the GP's and the rubino pros. Oh well, s'pose I'll wait a little longer!

The Gatorskins are going really well and no regrets with the purchase. Another rider on GnR has the Rubino Pro Slicks and he seems equally happy with those.
As you say though I can't compare the Pros with the GPs.
From a visual inspection only, I would say that the std (non-Slick) Pros wouldn't be anywhere near as good as the GPs.
For me the Gatorskins are superb for training rides and the GPs are definitely a grippy race tyre.

I used to get sidewall punctures in my GP4000s every time I put on a new one.
Taking them out the box and hanging them up for a month before putting them on seems to have stopped this.

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