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Female specific/cut-out saddles?

By Neil_in_Oz - Posted on 06 May 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

My wife's bike came with a nice standard shape Fizik Aliante saddle but unfortunately it doesn't completely suit her physically.
Kathy at Hornsby Cycles and Christine Matthews have both been extremely kind and lent her some different saddles with the central scallop designed to reduce 'pressure point' and while better, they have not provided a complete solution.
I'm wondering if anyone (especially female) has tried the saddles with complete cut-outs (ala Selle Italia Superflow 130 and would care to comment on their efficacy?

Hey there,

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to saddles
-what body shape
-how long you plan to ride for
-comfort versus weight etc etc...etc...etc..

but if it helps, I am not a fan of the Selle Italia Superflow 130. I found it very uncomfortable for long rides - 100km marathons/ over a few hours

But that is just me... I am still seeking a good saddle after many types. When I find a good one - I shall buy a box of them!

Yes, as I well know saddles are a very personal thing. I've just been offered another loan saddle for her so the search continues....
All saddle loan offers are happily received. Smiling

Hi Neil,

Ive been through a few saddles during my cycling time. I can highly recommend two:

- Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow. Its a little tougher on the toosh but protects the lady bits!
- Specialized Jett Saddle, also women specific, this is a big winner, the guys at north side can help you out and fit the correct width.

With the selle italia i think its more of a racing saddle, so maybe try the specialised one first.

I am dead against the crazy women couches they seem to put on chicks bikes, it hurts more and your heaps are always rolling.

The cut outs are fantastic, but they only work if you have the for and aft position perfect, it takes a bit of time to get it right. With the specialised it is even better ever so slightly tilted upward so that the weight is on the back.

I had a quick look at the super flow, i would be a bit cautious, that could be painful if she is not sitting correctly on it or moves around a lot. Maybe try the two above before going to a more extreme saddle like the super flow.

Hope this helps!


Hips not heaps!

Based on your comments, I contacted NorthSide and will get Nic booked in for a session on their "Ass-ometer" (their term, not mine!).
There seems to be various version of the Jett here in Australia but I'm guessing you have this one?

Thanks again

Hi Neil,

Have you seen this article by Steve Hogg specifically about women's saddle fitting issues?

May be of some use.


Thanks again to you all for the advice.

Nic got measured and took a loan saddle from Specialized (which required a hefty $$ deposit - unlike those we borrowed from the very helpful Kathy at Hornsby Cycles) and it was a winner.

Nic is now the proud (& pain free) owner of a Specialized BG Oura Expert Gel saddle

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