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Indoor Trainers

By Arch - Posted on 09 May 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


Keen to get people's views on the best type of indoor trainer. I have heard/read wildly different views - don't go for mag trainers, fluid is best etc - but who would know better than the well-informed NSCC velomenati.

Money is kinda not a problem, apart from when my wife checks the visa bill.



Seen these at the Mont and they looked pretty good.

A mate also has one of these and speaks highly of it.

Hi Arch,
I have tried pretty much every trainer on the market and recently changed to a 'Lemond Revolution'.
It will be the last change I make. It is completely and utterly different to riding a 'normal' trainer that uses your rear tyre for resistance.

I cant tell you enough how good they are.
They are pricey, but not ridiculous, and they also allow the use of both the MTB and the roadie on the same trainer - excellent for many reasons.

as a personal example, I used to only be able to manage 1hr on the trainer (for mental health reasons primarily!) but I am doing 2.5hr sessions on the Lemond - it just feels better / easier.

are you going soft on us Arch?

What's your objective? Rollers are excellent for speed, technique and warming up without fatiguing the muscles, trainers(that mount from the rear wheel) are good if you intend to work out and don't need to concentrate. The rear mounted trainers enable anyone to do efforts, where as the rollers will require practice/skill. HOWEVER many frame suppliers will void warranty if their carbon frames are used on rear mounted trainers. I have seen many cracked carbon frames.

Happy with my Kinetic (with the extra [large] flywheel).


The reviews indicate the LeMond is extremely noisey, and in some cases time consuming to adjust deraileur's due to difference s in spacing etc.

How noisey is it ? Can you watch a DVD, have a conversation, listen to music etc

Also did you also purchase the LeMond speed and powermeter add on ?


Its actually not any worse than a normal trainer, and frankly the noise is a more constant 'whir' rather than the 'rev-rev' of a typical trainer.
Its odd - I think the noise thing is a bit of a myth and may even be spread by 'normal' trainer manufacturers.
I watch dvd's (have recently been using the Band of Brothers box-set to get me through marathon training!) but have to admit I use headphones with an extension cord.

I would do that with any trainer though.

I have the power / speed thingo. It is a bit 'village' - its clearly only the very first version out. Unfortunately, the power unit doesnt send out a signal that is recognised by Garmin as 'power' so you cant use a 500 / 800 etc.

If I was doing it again, I would probably still but it all though. If you are in the Eastern Suburbs anytime, you can come and try it.

final thing - It only takes QR rear wheels. There is no adapter for 142x12 (Epic), so its road bike only, or (as I have done) get an old frame, and build it up as a trainer bike.

Arch, I have used a Tacx Mag trainer for last 7 years or so and it has worked fine, although am gradually wearing down the roller. Smiling
I used to fiddle with the mag settings, but now just set it to "max" and play with the gears to change resistance.
I use an old aluminium frame and a v strong rear wheel. Not suitable for your best bike IMHO.
If money is no object, take a look at a Wattbike as an high performance alternative.

I got one of these after ruling out the Kinetic (purely for price reasons)

I'm not convinced by the 'progressive resistance' concept, but it's fine for my uses - intervals and sprint drills - and relatively quiet (I get more complaints about loud music when I'm on it). Like the guys above, I also have a 'turbo bike' which doubles as my wet weather bike - at some point i'll get a rear turbo wheel to save tyre wear too.

Oh - if you get a turbo, I thoroughly recommend the Sufferfest videos. Great fun. Yes, actual fun on the trainer - shock horror!



Trainer Road turn your trainer into a power meter and works with Sufferfest videos. Surely a painful fantastic combo!

We've integrated our player with training videos.
Just drop one of the videos in our player. We keep the video in sync with the workout and give you wattage based targets.
It really takes these workouts to the next level. Bring a bucket!

I keep meaning to sign up to Trainerroad. Dirt cheap too.

Brilliant trainers...really rate them.

I have Competitive Cyclist have them in stock now, not sure what the postage is like but you might be able to find a free shipping code for them.

For the wide variety of comments. I bought an Elite fluid from the local bike shop and its perfectly fine - I just didn't realise how mind-numbingly boring it is sitting on a trainer - ah well.

Check out this link from a guy selling a trainer - says it all


Good music and a session plan usually works. Garmin Edges have built in 'workouts' and you can always create and load your own.
Never used them but I'm told the videos are good and may keep you from slitting your wrists.... Smiling

Sufferfest are awesome.
Kurt Kinetic are awesome.

Training indoors ... not so awesome, but bearable with the above kit.

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