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Colnago C59 - Now with MTB like disc brakes

By GiantNut - Posted on 18 June 2012

I am sure someone will tell me these have been around for years but I stumbled across this and it was new to me - A C59 with mtb like Disc brakes.


Nice. They've gone hydraulic which is good where some have chosen to go mechanical.

Oh dear.

As it happens I've been riding HC climbs (and descents of course) in Europe for the last couple months and never once felt more brakes were required, even descending on the hoods. Am using standard SRAM Red setup and am sure one would loose traction from the tyres well before the brakes didn't have enough bite. Have had the rear wheel in the air a couple of times the fronts are so so good... again, even on the hoods.

Of course, that won't stop people trying to sell something new and disc brakes will require new frame, controls, wheels, etc, etc. so a great money spinner. Doh! Sad

Oh, I also recently saw an update from an store on @rsebook saying that no-one had bought a CX bike from them with discs, let alone a road machine.

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