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A mountain biker looking for some advice

By broc - Posted on 19 July 2012

Hi there,

I've been a member of nobmob for a while now but recently I've got into road biking, partly to do with the weather but also as I've taken up triathlon's. With the mtn biking I've had a few tumbles, broken parts and recently built my new stead. This has all brought a good level of understanding of all the different parts, size's, components etc.

My road bike is straight off the shelf, no issues so far and for my limited knowledge runs like a dream. My questions arise from my newest purchase. I've just bought a TT bike that has tubelar race wheels. I want to put cheap wheels on as training ones. Looking for some advice on
1. Wheels, had a quick look online to try judge prices, shimano R105 starting at about $100, good, bad, what should I aim for. Anywhere local good to try
2. Can i mix a sram cassette with shimano mech's
3. Tyres, where to start, at least with mtn bike's I can see the difference in the threads
4. Do i need to change brake pads as race wheels are carbon (training will be aluminium)
5. Anything else to look out for or tips & tricks?

Sorry if this is all very standard stuff but as I say I'm starting from scratch really


Hi - my 2c worth

1. go a bit better - RS30 or for TT use RS80 C50 ( can use them for race in the wet as they have AL brake surface) good prices on & local warranty or Greg Ryan at TWE does great wheels and will do something specific for you
2. I think you can
3. If you want great puncture protection ( but heavy) go Schwabe Durano plus on the rear - otherwise Conti 4000S are great all round for ~$50
4. YES
5. Its all about the legs

Good luck

1. I'd look to spend $200 or above to get something of decent quality so probably something like Mavic Aksium Race as a minimum.
2. I believe so
3. For the training wheels (if purely for training) Continental Gatorskins or for racing GP4000s. For your tubular (race) wheels it would be Continental Sprinters (minimum) but preferably Competition tubulars.
4. Standard blocks for training (alloy rims) and Swissstop Yellow for your carbon wheels.
5. Take time to get the bike set-up to suit you.

Thanks for the responce guys.

The RS80 wheels looks lovely but definitly don't fit into a training budget. I'll check out the Mavic's

I've seen some good reviews for the GP4000's and happy to see ye mention them, think thats what i'll go for.

Thanks also for the bit of info on the pads and tubular's.

Just signed up for IM Cairns so its definitly going to be all in the legs.

I always run GP4000S on my bike, they are brilliant.

Mavics are solid and you can pick up a used set real cheap or sometimes Wiggle or CRC have a good price on them.

re Tub's, so many good tires out there. I have read reviews for the Corsa EVO being excellent Tub.

Go see Blair Martin for a bike fit, best $300 ever spent imo.

... for the training wheels. I use them on my commuter in all weathers with confidence. Better a little extra wear on the rubber than a lot more wear on the skin (gravel rash)!

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