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n + 1r?

By Jonathan - Posted on 18 November 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Probably not the best place to get advice because ill be shunned but i want a roady. just for training, fitness etcetera.. I don't no the first thing about em so what im looking for is an old steel or whatever cheapy thats sounds and goes like a roady. nothing too fancy just a half decent bike. I have no idea with size but if its any indication im riding a large spesh stumpy.

Any help or direction will be much obliged,



Well not by me anyway, It's a great way to build some solid fitness and will improve your MTBing.

I guess the best place to start is how much money do you have to spend? As you know, not all bikes are created equal, some have more relaxed geometry for example which are targetted at more Sportiff riders if you will (Think of Gran Fondo's/Sydney to Wollongong and alike) while others have very aggressive geometry for racing as well.

You can put MTB clip in shoes on it, so that will save you buying a new pair of shoes and stuff.

Depending on money you want to spend, I would always say you want to aim for 105's for the Groupset, it is good and reliable and then your just making a decision between carbon or aluminium etc, but depends on how much money you have to spend. You might be able to pick up something decent of Bike Exchange for example.

Well you've spelled et cetera correctly (well, almost) so we can forgive you this indiscretion Eye-wink

Actually, I've had the same thought, something retro in steel but with ability to run reasonably current running gear and wheels so I don't have to hunt and scour for replacement consumable parts.

From my limited research I think either a 56 or 58cm horizontal top tube is in the ballpark, but I was advised to hop over to Competitive Cyclist and use their fit calculator to be certain.

Interested in others' views.

Get onto I use this site as a good place to start and you can then see what you get for your money.

I bought the Avanti Cadent 1.0 (base model) and it hasn't missed a beat besides consumables (BB, brake pads etc). I've replaced the wheels but there was nothing wrong with the old ones.

This is the equivalent now and they are much cheaper then a few years ago

When its raining all the time a roadie is the way to go. I didn't want to spend a bomb and got a alloy giant with Ultegra - great bike. Alloy is way to go if your budget is lower - good alloy is way stiffer than cheap (wet spaghetti) carbon. My alloy frame is stiffer than a Dogma and weighs about a kilo. What you don't get is compliance over bumps - my new carbon roadie is as stiff but compliant over the bumps but I paid heavily for this feature Eye-wink
I did that in 2010 and just bought a new frame and swapped all the bits over - so that is an option if you get good base components.
BTW - Hawkeye its a 56 frame Giant TCR 0 and would include handlebars, new bottom bracket BB30 and anything else i didn't swap over like ultegra front and rear deraileurs - going cheap cheap for someones project

Hi Jonathan

What is your idea of cheap in this case? You can get anything from the $1,500 mentioned for a couple of the mid-level alloys through to $50 I paid for a good nick steel framed Malvern Star running 105 (which I love by the way)

If you are looking at riding on your own for fitness then I would say it doesn't matter too much what you are on. If you think you may do some bunch riding you will need to think a little harder because the riding will be quicker and a better bike makes a difference. You wouldn't want to be in the situation where you want to upgrade within a year of purchase.

Nonetheless something in the Giant range is great for value, and its amazing what you can get for $1200 - $1500. Suitable for any bunch riding other than those aspiring to be a cafe poser.

Road training is the way to go. If you find a good group to ride with it will make a big difference to your fitness.

I've been on the fence about getting a roady for a while. The reason i've started to push now is because a few mates are putting a group together to get a regular ride going. Thought that was good enough incentive to get a roady. Ideally i went to spend the least amount and get the best bike Eye-wink maybe a shiv or a tarmac hahahah. i was thinking under 1k or close to. I really don't want to break the bank especially as i've got a big enough investment with my other bike which is probably due for front and rear suss service.

I guess if i stick to a reputable brand with good running gear how bad could i go?

What does this look like? Worth looking at?

So many options. First, decide your budget. Realistically if you want new you'll need to spend at least $1000 to get something half decent.

Second hand you have a choice, a project or ready to ride. A project is a lot of fun but you need tools and time.

Sizing, jump on a few sites and they'll give you sizing. I'm 5'11" and I ride a 56cm. (gotta love cross measurements)

Perhaps a little overpriced. It will get you through many ride and has great geometry. If you get serious it will only last you a year before you want to start upgrading bits. but that's ok.

As Andy said, look for something with (recent) 105 (or similar level Campagnolo or SRAM) if you can.
Sora is the road equivalent of Alivio - it works but won't give you the quality, enjoyment or longevity of a better groupset.
It also has an shifting method that is different to all of the shifters higher up the range.

Yeah i guess i don't want alivio (eeewwww) would you say 105 is like the slx equivalent? found this as well which looks and sounds really nice

105 is like SLX, in the range.

For value for money you cant go past Giant, especially as they always have a sale on during the year and you can still pick up last years Model on sale. On Bike Exchange there are a number of Defy 1's which have 105, brand new for about $1k. You might get some better value from buying 2nd hand.

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