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Strong Wheels?

By scottknscc - Posted on 21 November 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Can anyone recommend a wheel-set that will last more than one year, suitable for a 90-100kg rider who commutes/trains/races about 200k/wk?

My hot tip if you want something that is going to be built and last, talk to either Nick Both or Greg at TWE and get a set of custom wheels built for your exact specs.

If your looking for factory wheels, Shimano DA C24 7900 with the Carbon Laminate can be had for about $700 all in from Bike24 atm, could take a few weeks to get delivered though. Light wheels at 1400g all in, so perfect for racing and training and stong as an Ox.

Thanks Logan, the Shimano DA's do look good and I found many good reviews of them online but not many from heavier riders. One review compared them favourably to the Shamal Zeros which a 90kg mate of mine says are bullet proof.

Given your weight (like me) and the multi use, suggest you go to local bike shop and ask them to build a set of traditional spoked wheels on Mavic Open Pro rims using "2nd from top of line" hubs (Shim Ultegra). Provides an old-school look and feel, soft ride and will continue to operate if you lose a spoke. 101% reliable. Sure, not as aero as a set of Zip 404's but you can buy those for Xmas and use them when you are racing ! Enjoy

I've still managed to bugger a set of Open Pro's. Hit a square-edged pothole unexpectedly back of Beauty Point commuting with my rear wheel and popped a spoke. Then I would pop a spoke each ride.

I've since had Adrian at Belrose Bikes put together a CXP33 on the same hub, and it's been brilliant. I've even dinged the rim at Akuna Bay, needed to straighten the bead seat with a MorningStar Rim 'Rench, but wheel still true

Yeah I originally had my Powertap built into Open Pro's and once I broke one spoke that was it, I would break a spoke every other ride. I dont rate at all.

I now run Velocity Deep V 32 Spoke 30mm Aluminium Rim as my training wheels, with my PT hub built into the rear rim and they have been brilliant. Not had any issues what so ever. I broke a spoke on my rear rim and continued to ride a further 100km's on it and even rode the rollowing day as well on it with the spoke out.

Deep V's were my first preference but Adrian persuaded me to go with a Mavic.

The Deep Vs aren't light but everybody raves about how tough they are. The Fusion is another option if you want a little more compliance, and was recommended to me by the guys at Velocity when I called them.

20 odd years ago i had a Velocity rear rim which did a figure 8 within a 100m of leaving home so i've avoided them since, but it sounds like they've improved greatly since then. In a fit of desperation I checked out a cheap Velocity factory built rear wheel recently and the rim looked strong but the hub felt like it had sand in it, maybe an Ultegra hub with the Deep V would be a good combo.

BTW i've had the CXPs strongly recommended to me, so it's a tough call.

I had Greg at TWE build these up for me , swapped from v90's. At 94kg I find these 23mm wide rims give a much better ride , corner really well, roll every bit as fast and are as strong as .......

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