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Cruise + others riders in front = not cruise any more

By Black Flash - Posted on 16 May 2013

16 May 13

Slow arse ride to stretch the legs. That lasted 6 kms till the hills came... Then I felt the need to exert my dominance in this sport by overtaking blokes in their 60's out for a quiet ride... I must have over taken like 60 people, wait, it was closer to 10... Actually only 4 people. But they were wearing Lycra, so were obviously retired Olympians... I really am that good. Just wait till I line up for a race against the in form under 6's at the bmx track. Watch me dominate! Might even get a podium.

Obviously I'm dehydrated and delusional at the moment... Smiling

Hope you remembered to yell "STRAVA! Evil " as you passed them Eye-wink

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