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CAAD10 Thoughts?

By philberesford - Posted on 09 June 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey Guys
Looking to get my first Roadie, currently looking at the CAAD10 105 (might stretch to Ultegra if I can be convinced it's really worth it) does anyone have one and are able to provide any first hand opinions?



If you can afford it, I would strongly recommend getting Ultegra over 105. The difference is significant from a shifting and weight point of view.

Is an awesome frame.
I know some die hard Dale riders who still swear by their caad9 and have them built up super light.
The 10 is using the same technology only slightly more refined.
Do it.
+1 for the Ultegra over 105

I've heard good things about the CAAD but no personal experience. However, I commute on an aluminium roadie and ride a carbon roadie for fun. After about 30k you really start to notice the difference. Aluminium leaves you feeling much more "beaten up" than carbon, especially on rough roads. Good wheels also make a huge difference, especially rolling and climbing. I'd recommend 105 with better wheels over Ultegra.

Michael has the CAAD10

I thought he had the Supersix?

Right better organize lunch one day next week with him then and pick his Brain Brian Eye-wink

This frame is arguably the very best aluminium road frame in bike world today. In that world, carbon is touted as the go to frame material for performance bikes. As such, aluminium frame development has slowed. Cannondale is one rare company that continues to produce awesome frames from aluminium and sell them in a range of groupsets up to high end.
So, don't hesitate, just buy it. Don't get hung up on groupsets, just buy what you can afford. A 105 bike will shift perfectly nicely if built right and looked after properly. I always advise people to buy the best frame with good shifting. You'll be better off with investing cash in preferred personal items such as bars, seat, pedals and such plus I'd get a tough wheelset straight up, something with lots and lots of spokes...
These things and the awesome frame are far more important than a flash gear shift system.

I know some die hard Dale riders

I thought that was ALL 'Dale riders - lol

You'll be one of them soon Phil?

I'll have to share with Yeti, is that legal?

What would you describe as a tough wheel set?

Also the 105 build I've been looking at has Tektro brakes? Are they any good? Should I swap them out for 105s?

Wheelset - Dura ace C24 - light & strong $600 ish online

Yeah looks really good, I saw this the other day, if only they had my size Sad I might drop them an email though regardless see if they can get larger sizes.

That is your size ! How big do yu think you are !

I thought that was the top tube length. The 50 would fit me great then

That supersix seems a fantastic price. Find out what size u r (i know u mentioned 50 above, but i thought u might have been a larger size) I've got a supersix u can have a test ride on if u feel inclined.

That is a spectacular price!

If you want value-for-money wheels, these guys are worth a look:

They have a good reputation on I'll probably go with their Bracciano wheelset for the Six13 I'm building up

Hi Phil. I ride a 58cm 'Dale. I'd be very surprised if you rode a 50?!

I have one of the Super-Six frames, and really love it. I struggle to get excited about road-bikes, as I see them mostly as instruments of training, but in this case, I really look forward to riding it.

If you were after a slightly bigger one than a 50 - I do know a couple that are going relatively cheap 2nd hand, although the BikeBug prices are almost the same!

If I was buying new wheels, the the Dura-Ace ones Dicko was talking about are excellent - I've had a few sets. No dramas. I even run them on my CX bike.

Thanks for all the responses guys

I'm only 170cm hobbit I think a regular 52 top tube is 'my size' and looking at the geometry on the 'Dale website that equates to a 'size 50' - happy days Smiling
I'd certainly be interested to know more about these other bikes though, do you know what size they are?

They are too big mate. If you are 170cm. Sorry.

All Bikebug's 'Dales are sold - the website was old (they've changed it now)

I emailed one of the guys at BB, it sounds like thy're discontinuing stocking Cannondale.

At 170cm tall I'm a bit surprised that 50cm (52TT) is your size.

I'm 167cm, ride a 53.5cm top tube with 12cm stem and used to own a 52cm CAAD3 Saeco replica.

Whatever you buy, I'm sure you'll love it.

I have the DA wheels, they are about 3 weeks old and they are awesome. Roll well, strong etc.

Not sure where you can get them, best I have seen with a reasonable delivery is Merlin Cycles for 725. I paid 640 from PBK but had to wait almost a month so wouldn't recommend.

Personally I would say they might be overkill.

I now remember why I hate forum sites after reading comments.

Then stop reading them?

Just pulled the trigger, meet the new mistress.

'Dale have a Tour promo at the moment which brought the Ultegra in range of my budget, so thought why the hell not, it would be rude not to.


Ooh, nice! Smiling

Enjoy Mate.

Nice and a good price as well, so great result.

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