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tyre/tubeless experiments

By stefan43 - Posted on 31 July 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hi guys,
hope you don't mind a bit of roadie content here... after the maxxis and the conti phase i'm currently going through a schwalbe phase.
this means rocket ron, racing ralph tubeless on the MTB and ultremos on the road bike commuter.
been trying out the ultremo DD as well as the ZX. the DD has now got about 4000km (rear) and has completely worn through the protective layer to the point where i managed to have 3 flats on the way home. that tyre has served me well with no flats in 3900km but it will go no further.
this also meant that i was left with no spare tubes or patches and only an Ultremo ZX that i had previously discarded as it is completely useless for sydney roads.
as i didn't feel like commuting (manly-bondi) on the MTB i got the stan's out, fashioned myself a tubeless valve from the stuffed tube and put a layer of electrical tape round the rim. thanks to my trusted lezyne dirt drive (that thing will inflate any tyre btw) and some soapy water i got it up to 70 psi and started doing the stan's dance.
unfortunately today's lesson is that a single layer of electrical tape (which is all i had left) will only go to 70psi before it blows itself through the spoke holes. it's perfectly fine for MTB though.
took about half an hour to clean the stan's mess up. then found another roll of electrical tape and i am now the happy owner of a ghetto tubeless roadbike rear wheel using only leftover parts.
i hope it lasts....

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