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Frenchs forest cyclist dies in turramurra

By jpack - Posted on 30 October 2013

Apparently the result of a sequence of events started by a resident barging out of their driveway in reverse into traffic. Sad

Sympathies to family of the rider, and to the kid and instructor who were driving the car that hit him.

And a little too close to where I live this one... Kissing Pt road is a bit of a shocker unfortunately. Especially north of Commenara Pwy up to the Pacific Hwy and considering the road is used by so many cyclists each morning and afternoon as a commuting route. The bike lane (if you can call it that) stops and starts again without warning multiple times, forcing cyclists to merge with cars at short notice (understand not the case for this accident) and is usually cluttered with debri.

I know the road and bike lane was on Ku Ring Gai councils priority list for an upgrade as of late last year so hope it gets fixed soon.

Sad to think there's a family out there tonight whose husband / father isn't coming home and a young learner driver who will probably be mentally scarred for a long time, if not for life.

I don't think that is all together fair, the traffic had stopped for the driver to reverse out, as opposed to barging out into traffic.

To echo other thoughts here: very close to home and very, very sad. Condolences to everyone impacted by this.

Not only is this a road I know well, but not long after hearing about the incident through other sources there was an internal communication in the office where I work. I had never met him but the rider involved was a colleague, as were some of the group he was with this morning. All that were at the scene were understandably in shock.

It cannot be said enough: riders and drivers alike, please take care and stay safe, especially during peak periods on the roads.

That's all it takes to irreversably change a whole lot of lives. And it matters not at all who is or was at fault. The damage is done, and no amount of compensation, restitution or recrimination can undo the damage.

I'd like to pass on a positive thought for everyone in our fraternity. It's something I've recently re-learned and which I absolutely apply whenever I get behind the wheel, on the moto or on the pushbike in traffic, and it has to do wholly with defensive roadcraft.

Ask your self this, constantly....

"Did I rely on the actions of another to prevent me being involved in an accident?"

Be constantly vigilant of the traffic around you.
Don't be in a rush. Statistically chopping and changing, tailgating and driving aggressively will save you seconds or minutes only, but increase your risk of injury, or injuring another, by an enormous margin. Is that an acceptable risk for you?
Keep a three second gap.... it's just sensible, safe and just may save you from someone else.
If you see someone who you think may do something erratic, slow down, prepare to brake, avod them at all cost. If not, is it going to comfort you that they were just an idiot when you're hobbling on crutches, and you did nothing to protect your self.....or them?

If you really want to learn great roadcraft, and realise how vulnerable we are as cyclists, apply to the RMS to undertake a pre-learners motorcycle course. It's $80, two half days and may just save your life. And if that's not enough incentive it's a shitload of fun.

My heart goeas out to all the parties involved in this tragedy.

Ride safe everyone, and please remember that the best protection you have is your attitude to safety.

Quite possibly you're right. Depends on which witness/report you listen to. My info came from sources quoted outside the public domain which painted a slightly different picture to the SMH report.

From my own experience Police don't always get it right in their reports either, as they're only human like the rest of us.

Regardless, we need to be prepared for the unexpected at any moment on the road and I get very sad every time I hear something like this.

@slowpup, I couldn't have said it better.

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