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Commute Dee Why to North Sydney

By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 10 November 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I haven't been on this site for a couple years now but I was hoping you guys might have some ideas/tips for me.

I've had enough with getting the bus to work in North Sydney, So im considering riding my bike to work (Avanti Inc Internal Hub 8 gears) Any back street tips or just what google maps suggests? Any other tips or ideas would be great.

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Hey - I commute almost every day from Dee Why to NS! And I used to ride an Avanti Inc too - spooky!

Heres my ride to work:

And my ride home:

I can show you the way if you like too, just let me know - I leave early (6am from Dee Why and 4:10p from NS).

Otherwise it's pretty straight forward - my route is not the fastest but avoids some of the traffic. Some places it's pretty unavoidable to ride with cars.

ANYTHING is better than the bus though!

Do you do it every day? Yeah an escort there would be good to sus it out.

Do it every day, rain or shine, unless I'm sick. So can meet you any morning you like at the servo opposite the RSL at 6:05. Just let me know what day works for you.

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